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    Default Re: Samples - Keep or Not?

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post
    Yes, I like to refresh my memory. Even though I may not respond to something right away, sometimes I warm up to it later. Plus it's useful for these discussions. And I need to keep track of what I've already tried and what kind of stuff I don't like so I don't make the same mistakes over again.
    This is what I do. Sometimes I go back to remind myself why I didn't purchase a bottle, or to see what is familiar about a new scent

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    Default Re: Samples - Keep or Not?

    I usually keep ones for reference. Having said that, I give away the ones I'm so sure I'm not (and won't be) interested in.
    I also keep reformulated or original-formula perfume samples.
    That's a good idea... I haven't thought about that.

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    Default Re: Samples - Keep or Not?

    I always keep them and take them on holiday

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    Default Re: Samples - Keep or Not?

    Quote Originally Posted by cacio View Post
    I keep one of each-even if I completely dislike the perfume, almost as a sort of reference library. Sometimes you want to go back and smell.

    Me too! Even the ones that I don't like, or have already tried - I am currently keeping because I will take them out as a reference when I read a review that mentions them, or I want to remember what a perfume house has in its' line-up. May decide differently in future, but for now it is kind of like a library of scents for me.

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    Default Re: Samples - Keep or Not?

    I always keep my samples even if I strongly dislike them. It's always fun to rediscover them when I'm rummaging through my fragrance collection!

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    Default Re: Samples - Keep or Not?

    Whenever I receive a sample along with a purchase I try it and decide whether or not I want to re-visit it at a later time or not.

    If not I give them to my father who hates spending money on fragrances. He's been living off my samples for last two years and still probably owns +/- 75ml of samples.

    I'd really hate to throw them away.

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