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    Default Shout Out to Tony T and a question for all.

    First I'd like to say thank you to Tony T for decanting me some fragrances. I was decanted LIDG, Montale Full Incense, and Dunhill Desire. Just got them today and I tried LIDG. Absolutely love it. Thanks again Tony for everything!

    So how many fragrances do you own? I have number 31 (M7 Oud Absolu) coming in the mail Tuesday.

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    Default Re: Shout Out to Tony T and a question for all.

    I'll get there haha I have 13 at the moment. The only problem is getting samples I've never asked for any at nordstrom/sephora/ or macy's because I didn't know I could until recently. I've purchased ALOT in the past two years. At $6 for two vials average, it all adds up. There's some highly regarded designers I have yet to try. For example I have no idea what egoiste, gucci envy, tobacco vanille etc. smell like. I can't keep buying samples. In the future I see myself getting more under the radar stuff like serge luten or more of l'erbolario, I love l'erbolario! Their catalogue is really expansive but they're extremely difficult to get.

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    Default Re: Shout Out to Tony T and a question for all.

    Probably too many
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    Default Re: Shout Out to Tony T and a question for all.

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I own too many - don't even want to say. I think of them as a liquid investment!

    LIDG is a good one - that really brought me into the Guerlain embrace. Next it was Homme, and from there it just got bad. Love all their stuff now, though I lean heavily to the modern ones.

    I try to only buy stuff that I really, really like, and/or discontinuing things. Plenty of stuff to keep my happy. There is never a day that I can't find a fragrance that is basically perfect for my mood and the occasion. That's a nice thing. The only problem is that I love a few so much, I could wear them all the time. Can't have that - gotta keep the rotation moving!
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    Default Re: Shout Out to Tony T and a question for all.

    Welcome Kidmetal. You gave some good samples there.
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    Default Re: Shout Out to Tony T and a question for all.

    I've had so many but not like the King Hednick which propably is reaching the ten thousand mark but I only have about 20 which I consider master pieces, that's how I contain myself from obtaining every frag that comes out it's not me any more but have great respect to those whom like Hednick and others collect them all or close to , thank God I only get what I consider 10 and above in my collection or obtain decants or join splits on the ones that peak my interest and obviously get FB on those that only blow me away...pretty simple hah and it helps to keep me from pulling the trigger on every Tom, Dick, Harry and obviously scents has to be courted before obtaining a FB certification my olfactory registries that lead me To consider A specific frag a MastePiece and hall of famer inductee! So for now I have brought them down to afore mention number....and I'm so Glad.
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