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    Default Granville/Helmut Lang/Fan di Fendi/Bois 1920/Maxims/Mazzolari/Kiehl's/Vintage Caron Pour un Homme

    US Only. USPS Shipping with tracking.
    All bottles come with caps and boxes unless noted otherwise.
    Also, feel free to make a swap offer for anything in my
    wardrobe that's not listed here. All of these bottles are for
    sale as well. When I sell them, I give a big discount, but when I swap,
    I'm seeking to even out retail value for both parties, please understand. Thanks

    Dior Granville--8.4oz--80% full $150 (Tester, no box)

    Helmut Lang EDC--3.4oz--90% no cap/no box/tester $105

    Mazzolari Augusto--3.4oz--98% $75

    Bois 1920 Extreme--3.4oz--99% $75

    Kiehl's Original Musk--1.7oz--99% $45

    Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet--3.4oz--99% no box $45

    *Vintage* Caron Pour un Homme--3.3oz--99% $35

    Versace Pour Homme--3.4oz--95% $30

    Bulgari Acqva Amara--3.4oz--99% $35

    Kenzo Pour Homme Boisee--3.4oz--99% no box $30

    Maxims Pour Homme--1.7oz--99% $25

    Fan di Fendi Pour Homme 3.4oz 99% Tester w/box

    Fan di Fendi Assoluto 3.4oz 99% tester w/box

    What I'm looking for:

    Creed Original Vetiver
    Knize Sec
    Leonard Pour Homme
    Zegna Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Mandarin, Acqua di Bergamotto
    Armani Code Sport Athlete
    Jovoy Private Label, La Art de La Guerre
    Prada Amber, Amber Intense, Infusion D'Homme, Infusion D'Iris, Infusion D'vetiver
    Amouage Reflection Man, Interlude Man, Epic Man, Honour Man
    Costume National Scent Intense
    Atelier Orange Sanguine
    Xerjoff Fiero
    Ulrich Lang Nightscape, Anvers, Anvers 2
    Carven Le Vetiver EDP
    Ferrari Uomo
    Yosh Konig
    Hermes Eau de Gentiane Blanche
    Givenchy Gentleman Only, Gentleman Only Casual Chic
    Chypre Palatin
    Profumum Roma Acqua Viva
    Lubin L'eau Neuve
    Chanel Antaeus, AHS, AHSEE, AHS edition blanche
    Dior Fahrenheit, Dior Homme Sport, Sauvage
    Dior Cologne Royale
    but also anything on my wish list here:

    Also open to other offers, so hit me up! I like traditional eau de colognes, neroli, fougeres of all types-classic or modern, and lots of other stuff, so make an offer.
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    Default Re: Reflection Man (non-magnetic cap) Mazzolari Augusto plus many more


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    Default Re: Malle Cologne Indelebile/Amouage Ciel Man/Mazzolari Augusto


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    Default Re: Granville, Colonia Club, Bois 1920 Extreme, Carthusia Uomo, Mazzolari Augusto


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    Default Re: Granville/Helmut Lang/Fan di Fendi/Bois 1920/Maxims/Mazzolari/Kiehl's/Vintage Caron Pour un Homm


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