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    Default Mazzolari Augusto/vintage Xeryus/Cartier/Carven/Parfums de Nicolai and more

    US Only. USPS Shipping with tracking.
    All bottles come with caps and boxes unless noted otherwise.
    Also, feel free to make a swap offer for anything in my
    wardrobe that's not listed here. All of these bottles are for
    sale as well. When I sell them, I give a big discount, but when I swap,
    I'm seeking to even out retail value for both parties, please understand. Thanks

    Anucci for Men/3.4oz/99% no box
    Aramis--2oz 90% no box
    Baldessarini EDC/2.5oz/99% no box
    Bill Blass Mr. Blass/1.3oz/99% no box
    Carven le Vetiver EDP/3.4oz/99% no box
    Cartier Pasha Fraicheur Menthe--3.4oz--95% tester w/tester box
    Claiborne for Men--3.4oz 99%
    Davidoff Silver Shadow Altitude/3.4oz/98%
    JPG Fleur du Male/4.2oz/95%
    *Vintage* Givenchy Xeryus 1.7oz 90% 1996 batch code
    L'Essence de Cerruti 1.7oz 85%
    Le Male Summer 2013/4.2oz/99% no box
    Lomani Pour Homme--3.4oz--99%
    Mazzolari Augusto/3.4oz/99%
    Molinard Patchouli--3.4oz 99%
    Original Penguin 1.7oz no box
    Parfums de Nicolai Cologne Sologne--3.4oz 99%
    Pino Silvestre/4.2oz/99% no box
    The Baron 4.5oz 99% no box
    Versace Pour Homme/3.4oz/98%
    Zegna Uomo--1.7oz--99%

    Creed Original Vetiver/14ml decant spray
    Tiffany for Men/12ml decant spray
    Tom Ford Oud Wood/4ml decant spray
    Dior Leather Oud/7ml decant spray

    What I'm looking for:
    Anything on my wish list here:
    Also willing to swap for any Acqua di Parma product (fragrance, shaving cream, deodorant, etc.)

    Also open to other offers, so hit me up! I like traditional eau de colognes, neroli, fougeres of all types-classic or modern, and lots of other stuff, so make an offer.
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    Default Re: Reflection Man (non-magnetic cap) Mazzolari Augusto plus many more


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