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    I realize that many folks in the online fragrance community and elsewhere are a bit skeptical when it comes to ordering from smaller sites, especially when the distributor offers mostly a limited selection and ever more so when the offerings are at a low price. I've searched high and low for many reviews about, especially on here with only a few, mixed results. I also know that in the past people may not have had such great service from the site, but with my own experience this week, I only wanted to share my own thoughts after ordering a 4 oz bottle of Creed Original Vetiver from them. Believe me when I say that I was a bit freaked out when I placed the order with thoughts racing through my head as to all the things that could go wrong. Upon receiving my order yesterday, I can assure you that any doubts I had have been removed and my mind assuaged. Below is my original review that I had planned on leaving on the item page on the site, but they unfortunately had a 500 character maximum limit for reviews, so I figured I might as well just leave it here in case anyone else was wondering about the site.

    "First and foremost, I just want to thank the folks at Lily Direct for their amazing customer service. I placed my order late at night on Tuesday, January 21st. It shipped from California the next day and arrived at my place in Florida around noon on Friday the 24th. I've never experienced such amazing shipping times from a distributor, and it was a really great experience all around from them.

    Now for the fragrance itself. Having spent the better part of a year trying to find what I considered a good deal for Creed's Original Vetiver, I finally came across this site which offered it at an incredible $124.12, perhaps the lowest price I've seen for a 4 oz bottle. While I was a bit skeptical at first about the price for such a commodity, I decided to take the plunge once I considered Lily Direct's return policy. Upon receiving the bottle, I first took note of the quality of the packaging for safe measure. The box was free of errors and damage, a good sign. In opening the box, I looked for the standard materials within: the "Creed Card" depicting James and Olivier Creed on the top of the packaging, and the four-language letter telling the history of the house. I examined the serial numbers on both the box and the bottle - they were a match, a great success! I checked under the spray nozzle for the characteristic white plastic stopper, again a match to authentic Creeds. With this in mind, I decided to give it a spray to determine its authenticity once and for all. Seriously, Creed sprayers are the absolute best in the business; the amount of juice that they put out is a subject of awe, and is done so with in a manner that serves the reputation of the house. At first, one is greeted with the stunningly green vetiver note similar to the opening of Thierry Mugler Cologne, which some say is OV's twin. I admit that for the first five minutes or so, the similarities make the two passable for each other. However, within about five to ten minutes, the ginger and citruses of Original Vetiver begin to shine, followed by woodsy cedars and sandalwood paired with decadent floral notes. In the following hours, Original Vetiver begins to transform into a beautiful amalgamation of woods, musk, and the sweetness of vanilla and ambergris. It is an extremely pleasant scent, perhaps my favorite of the Creed line and one of my top five all around.

    Creed's Original Vetiver is conclusively one of the fresher takes on vetiver that I have experienced. While it lives up to its namesake for only the first few hours, one must fully take in the complexity of its base to appreciate the craftsmanship of the fragrance. In the end, the past four days have been, admittedly, a bit of a roller coaster in terms of speculation, but upon receiving the product, I can happily say that Lily Direct's offering is fully legitimate. I highly recommend their services to anybody who comes across this site, and I look forward to any future expansion of their inventory for I will most certainly be shopping with them in the foreseeable future."

    So, as you might be able to tell from the review, I'm pretty happy with what I bought (to say the least), and I do recommend their services. Your mileage may vary as they're still a relatively new site and have just moved to a new distribution location. I hope this helps anybody out there who was skeptical like myself, but I'll definitely be trying them out again to determine if their service is consistent.

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    Default Re: Lily Direct Review

    I have bought several times from their Ebay store..
    Great Business!!

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    Default Re: Lily Direct Review

    Also have purchased from them and have been very happy with the service.

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    Default Re: Lily Direct Review

    They're awesome. Nothing but good things to say about Lily Direct.
    Check out my current NICHE SALE, you can't beat these prices!

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    Default Re: Lily Direct Review

    Great review of the store and of the scent.

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    Default Re: Lily Direct Review

    Have purchased from them as well and wouldn't think twice about doing it again. Perfectly satisfied. Just wish their selection was a bit broader.
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    Default Re: Lily Direct Review

    Thanks for the great review of Creed OV...does not last long on my skin, seem to require more sprays from the sample bottles unlike other houses that I have tried but still absolutely love how it smells...specially the opening notes are absolute knockout! Reaches deep inside somewhere and presses all the hot huttons

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