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    Millions of years ago, deep within the steep Atlas Mountains of Morocco, developed a unique form of clay high in skin healing silica and detoxifying minerals. The clay forms a dry, cake like mud river where it is collected in chip form. This chip form is in its most active form. Ghasool in its powdered form has been heated and micronized, losing some of its healing powers.
    Unlike other clays found the world round, ghasool clay not only purifies the skin but heals and softens as well. After washing off the paste skin is found to be silky soft, noticably softer than before application. The clays high silica content actually helps cracked feet to heal and acne to quickly vanish.

    Anyone know of any decent companies that sell Rhassoul clay in UK?

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    I've actually been researching the material to attempt to infuse it someway or another in a lotion or body scrub along with things like green tea and other materials.

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    Used rhassoul clay. it leaves your skin ultra smooth and extremely soft. however i cant justify the price. it is so expensive because its a spa quality treatment. as i guy, i'll skip this.

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    Rhassoul clay is also useful for hair not only for skin. I started using it after reading about rhassoul clay and it's benefits. In my opinion it is the best natural way to wash and take care of your skin and hair
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