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Thread: Scent your IT

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    Default Scent your IT

    Interesting article about scented technology:

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    LOL, I thought this was going to be a thread where we decided what perfumes our IT departments would have to wear.

    This is dangerous ground, indeed... if one of my nearby co-workers' iphones began emitting buttered popcorn smell, an ugly scene would ensue.

    Given the long-running failure of this sort of technology to take hold, I have some hopes that this won't come to pass soon.

    According to wikipedia, "The use of scents in conjunction with film dates back to 1906, before the introduction of sound."

    In 1986, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, a computer-based text adventure game came with scratch-and-sniff cards. Do not ask me how I know this.

    This part puzzled me: "Scentee’s “big bang in yakiniku [grilled meat]” is pitched at students with no money, and dieters." Why would I want to be tormented by the smell of grilled meat if I couldn't afford to eat for any reason?

    I'm spraying myself with Eau de Luddite for this one. Interesting, though, thanks for posting it!
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    Default Re: Scent your IT


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    Default Re: Scent your IT

    That is weirdly interesting.

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