Has anyone here tried Kanon Sport before? I'm eyeing a lone bottle on eBay but it's a hefty price for something I really just want to try once or twice. Given the nature and general thrift of the brand's other fragrances and the time it was issued my guess is it will be quite similar to Royal Copenhagen Sport - a hybrid barbershop powder and fresh herbal-patchouli type of scent, which was pretty common for gym bags and tennis before the calone craze of the 90's. Give me any lasting impressions if you have ever come across this one.
While on the subject, are there any other sport-like scents, old running frags or fresh workout scents the older Basenoters remember fondly? Despite being a generic (for the era) and somewhat cheaply made cologne I really love my bottle of the aforementioned R.C. Sport and would be very interested in hearing about other members of this bygone family (vintage Lacoste, etc).