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    Default How incensey is Bond No. 9 Silver Factory

    I was wondering whether or not it is worth it to purchase a whole lot of incense samples including the usual suspects like Avignon, Full Incense, Zagorsk etc. I know that Czech and Speake's Frankincense and Myrrh does nothing for me despite having a good dose of incense.

    I love that the Bond smells dry and seems to go well when I'm wearing tweed in the winter. I like also that it seems to work on cloudy winter days as well as when it's pitch black. To me this fragrance smells "grey" and that neutrality means I wouldn't hesitate a second to wear this with a suit or any other outfit I may wear in winter. Is this all something I can get with any generic incense or does the blend of this Bond make it inimitable?

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    Default Re: How incensey is Bond No. 9 Silver Factory

    I'm really not sure what exactly what you're asking ... but I'll say this: Silver Factory was my first incense fragrance, and it's a good introductory to the genre. It opened the door to many more, and is a nice easy-to-wear fragrance suitable for any winter day.

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    Default Re: How incensey is Bond No. 9 Silver Factory

    I'm not sure what the point would be to look into the others as you seem to have found something that you like very much and serves your needs well in that genre.

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    Default Re: How incensey is Bond No. 9 Silver Factory

    I would sample more..
    My favorite incense is Full Incense by Montale..
    The By Kilian Incense Oud is liked a lot by many..

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    Default Re: How incensey is Bond No. 9 Silver Factory

    Bentley for men intense contains a big dose of incense. Great fragrance.
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    Default Re: How incensey is Bond No. 9 Silver Factory

    One of my fav incense fragrances is Kyoto by CDG. I also like amouage JXXV. If your content with silver factory. Wear it in good health. Its not a bad fragrance and use to be raved about here. I find it moderate on the incense as it does come through quite as clear as in the aforementioned.
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    Default Re: How incensey is Bond No. 9 Silver Factory

    I agree with Hednic on this one. You like Silver so why not stay with that one? Its not incense per se as Avignon which is straight hardcore church incense but it has a nice incense vibe all its own. I have it and like it. Im a fan of sampling too so why not try the other ones too and see what you think. Have fun with it....

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    Default Re: How incensey is Bond No. 9 Silver Factory

    I have owned and sampled many incense frags:

    Blue Encens
    CDG Black
    Comme des Garcons Perfume
    Dover Street
    2 Man
    Profumum Olibanum
    Keiko Merechi Oliban
    Jubilation XXV
    Eau des Baux
    Full Incense
    Fille en Aiguilles
    Incense Oud
    Sahara Noir
    Interlude Man
    Epic Man
    Memoir Man
    and many more

    And that being said, even through all of that testing and owning...Silver Factory is still one of my absolute favorite incense frags. I have and had quite a few incense frags, and I love many of them, but for me there is something extra special about Silver Factory. It just goes to show that everyone has different tastes and likes and dislikes. I say test and try any and all incense frags you can get your nose on, I hope you find many that you love, but just know that you have a great one that stands on its own.

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    Default Re: How incensey is Bond No. 9 Silver Factory

    Go with Silver, it is a nice fragrance imo. This fragrance is a projection and longevity beast and can become cloying.

    You have a visual representation on your interpretation of Silver, whenever you have that I say go with what you like and you seem to like Silver.

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