I just received a jimmyjane.com (nsfw) Bourbon massage candle. For those who don't know, massage candles are made of low melting point soy wax and other oils. This means you can pour the liquid on skin and use it as a warm massage oil.

My girlfriend and I absolutely love the scent of this candle but I'm not enough of an expert to identify the fragrances involved. We agreed that leather and sandalwood are in there but beyond that I'm lost.

I'm asking here if anyone else could help identify the fragrances used in this candle. I make a lot of homemade craft projects and I'd like to recreate this candle myself. I'd be willing to pay for a candle if any experts could help me out.

I've also emailed their customer service to see if they can provide an ingredient list, as they do list ingredients for some of the other massage candles they make.