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    Default Honey and incense perfume notes

    Could anyone help me to answer these questions about the use of honey and incense in perfumery.

    How they are used.
    I mean. Are the professional perfumer using (natural) honey, EO, or they use a fragrance honey oil.
    same thing about incense.

    Any information would be helpful

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    Default Re: Honey and incense perfume notes

    Welcome to Basenotes! I am sure others will chime in, but a quick search using the "perfumers search" resulted in follows.
    I personally use honey absolute.
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    Default Re: Honey and incense perfume notes

    There is a post from the past month or two regarding honey notes so try using the thread search function here in the DIY section, I'm sure you'll find a lot of useful info there.

    Honey is definitely not used in perfumery, it's too sticky. There are a few ways to get honey notes but generally not alone, they usually come with other side notes that you may or may not find desirable. Bees wax absolute is an obvious one for a mid to base note if you strictly want "natural", it has an animalic aspect and it's a bit Malty. There is also Hyssop for a honey top note but it comes with a slight medicinal or aromatic edge. In the realm of AC's there are a few sweet materials but I don't know of a honey accord perse so that's something you'll have to research.

    Incense is a blend of ingredients but some old formulas call for "incense" as a material and that usually means frankincense from what I've read. If you are wondering what types of materials are used in incense perfume blends then you should research what goes into actual incense because it's, generally speaking, tinctures and essential oils from the same raw materials. Frankincense, Myrrh, Pines, Cedars, Balsams, Resins, Flowers, etc.
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