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    Default Re: Valentino Uomo Tested.....

    Quote Originally Posted by fp627 View Post
    Tried it w/o knowing what it was, etc. Reminded me of chocolate and hazelnut.

    Similar to DH for me, could say they are in a same category, but I wouldn't say they smelled like one and the same. To me it was somewhere between DH and Play Intense, but without some underlying notes that are present in both. Can't compare to DHI as I haven't tried that before.
    I recently got a bottle of DH vintage and it reminds me a lot like Valentino Uomo. The Uomo base smells identical to DH vintage but with added chocolate and hazelnut. DH vintage isn't sweet as reformulated DH with no coco notes, just iris and powder and doesn't project or last as long as reformulated DH either.
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    Default Re: Valentino Uomo Tested.....

    I tested Valentino Uomo today on my skin... Topnotes are kinda nice and very slightly similiar to Dior Homme, but drydown is generic sweet scent that I smelled many times before in fragrances like Lamborghini Mitico. After reading hype on fragrantica I expected much much more. Dior Homme vintage beats it anytime.
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    Default Re: Valentino Uomo Tested - FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC !!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by L'Homme Blanc Individuel View Post
    Wait. What? I don't understand. Wouldn't this be precisely the reason you'd want to test on skin? You do wear perfume on skin, don't you? How can you know how it will perform on skin if you don't test it on skin?
    Exactly,I was thinking the same thing,in my opinion your own skin is the truest test.

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    Default Re: Valentino Uomo Tested.....

    I think it smells like The Fragrance (for women) by Iceberg. It's nice. Iceberg is a lot cheaper!

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    Default Re: Valentino Uomo Tested.....

    I love VU a lot. Dont get the Dior Homme reference though.
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    Default Re: Valentino Uomo Tested.....

    Finally got a sample and I like it. I own both DHI and DH so I don't need this. It's closer to DHI and if I run out of that it wouldn't be a bad alternative if the price was right. For $80 I wouldn't bother if you own or want to own DHI.

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    Default Re: Valentino Uomo Tested.....

    Many contradictory reviews regarding the performance on this one. Ranging all the way from weak/skin scent to nice projection and long lasting.

    What gives?

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    Default Re: Valentino Uomo Tested.....

    Tried this today, it will be quite a good sent once the Intense version comes out.

    The fragrance is very soft in the projection department, spending most of its time as a skin scent but longevity is quite good.

    At this moment its like the poor cousin of DHI but all that could change when it makes its big city splash.

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