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    Post Comparison The Different Company Sublime Balkiss VS Thierry Mugler Angel EDP

    I am doing a comparison since I read on basenotes they are very similar and maybe you can save a bit of money. I'm putting this up because they have similar accords - fruitchouli combination that is ever popular; so for those on the fence, I can add to the general opinions/similarities because the price gap is pretty big.

    First 10-15 Mins: Yep similar almost the same berry-fruity but not feminine the sweetness is very tamed for both fragrances

    Heart notes:
    30 mins to 1 hour: they differentiate to a certain degree: sublime balkiss goes more creamy(*i think ethereal is the right word --- this gives the scent its premium price), the rose scent blooms but still heavily grounded on poutchouli so it does not smell old; Meanwhile, angel goes the fruity almost candy like quality with hints of rose and jasmine - I like it, since I like florals to certain extent but this borders to the feminine side; I'm doubtful if you can pull this off as a man in hot humid weather

    Dry down: 4-5 hours: what is left is the rose grounded with hints of cocoa beans with a bit of violet leaf; Angel on the otherhand continues the fruity notes (peach), sweet, yummy and never ends (not a bad thing)

    *after 8 hours, angel on the drydown highlights the rose notes more prominently and then it becomes powdery*

    Recommendation: I think you can just buy angel no one would notice except expert perfumers/trained noses on the difference between the two lol Please be forewarned: angel is intoxicating I over sprayed a bit on testing and got a headache. Meanwhile, TDC sublime balkiss, with 8-10 sprays does not make me dizzy.

    Additional notes: I think if you are looking for the berry-rose-patchouli combo you will not regret getting sublime balkiss to a male or female significant other; if your are just after the fruity note - you are better off with angel.

    To expound, the inspiration of sublime balkiss is creating a chypre without oakmoss which in exercise smelled like every fruitchouli imaginable lol, I have a full bottle of sublime balkiss because of its charm, that other interpretations failed to capture. The rose essence use in this composition is really high quality.
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