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    Default classification of fragrances


    There is a complex system of classification and description for perfumes, colognes, toilettes, etc.
    What Interests me is the relation of aftershaves and aftershave balms to colognes. An example is Dolce Gabbana's Light Blue and the Aftershave and Aftershave Balm variants. How do they differ in the same context as typical perfumes and colognes. Using the standards of comparison used with perfumes, do the aftershave/balm versions differ in predictable ways, e.g. more aldehyde? Do they fade more quickly?
    If I use an aftershave, when should I apply a cologne?
    Are there any other non-standard variants on colognes besides aftershaves and aftershave balms?

    Jim Julian

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    Default Re: classification of fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by jimlynnjulian View Post
    Do they fade more quickly?
    On my skin they fade much more quickly and have to reapply several times throughout the day.

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    Default Re: classification of fragrances

    I usually apply fragrances a few minutes after applying aftershaves. I try to give the aftershave a little time to calm down so it doesn't clash with my fragrance.

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    Default Re: classification of fragrances

    Aftershaves are generally weak -- they use more water. 2-3 hours at best in my experience

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    Default Re: classification of fragrances

    All of the gift set items are much weaker than the actual fragrance..
    Shower Gels-deodorants etc..

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    Default Re: classification of fragrances


    There is no rule as to what they should be. Nowadays, they are usually weak and go away in a short time, that is, they are more disinfectants and refreshers than true cologne/perfumes. As such, they simply have no basenotes, but consist mostly of top notes, and diluted ones at that.

    But sometimes the reason for using this word was that men would not, in any possible way, put on something like eau de toilette, which women have on their vanities. Aftershave was clearly something that only men were using, no hair falling with use. So some aftershaves were a bit more potent, closer to colognes or edt. But nowadays most men seem to be ok with edts. Plus if one uses an electric razor there is less scope for disinfecting.


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    Default Re: classification of fragrances

    ".......Eau de colognes are usually lighter than eau de toilettes, and for everything else you will probably have to ask and get a wrong answer."

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