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    Hey, I am just now getting into the fragrance game. I never really wore cologne all too much. I had a bottle of Portfolio Elite throughout high school and bought Curve afterwards but that's it. I just bought Armani Code and Versace The Dreamer from another person on these forums. I'd like to expand my collection. I decided to not buy from ebay because the Curve I bought off ebay seemed fake to me because it didn't last all to much. So I've been looking for other places to buy cologne and came across a website called that has really good prices on lots of different colognes. I just wanted to see what you guys thought? Maybe some of you have bought from there? How was the overall buying experience? Where the products fake or legit? Is this site credible and trustworthy?

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    Hi Yomanbrodude & welcome!

    We have a Shopping section here, so we'll move your thread over there.

    Thank you.

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    Never heard of Tamrik before. is a good to purchase from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjg3839 View Post
    Never heard of Tamrik before.
    Nor have I. Seems like new ones are springing up each day.

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    I have not heard of them..
    Website does state it's a NY Lingerie Store..
    60 Day return policy seems more than enough time..
    Don't forget to check the Market Place also..

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    I've ordered from them. Got what I ordered and quick. Give it a shot.

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