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    Default Best Candles Ever

    Every true candle lover should try a Voluspa brand candle. They are simply intoxicating. They are a little pricey though, and the tins aren't that large. They are made of soft wax (soy?) My favorite is black chypre and figue. It smells like candid by avon mixed with spice bomb by viktor rolf. All of Voluspa's candles smell great though. My other favorite brand is Circle E. These are popular in the South where I live. The factory is in Fredricksburg, TX. My favorite scent is Birds of Paradise and it comes in a huge half gallon "Cookie Jar" size. These last 2 months tops. Saving the best for last, my all time favorite is any scent by Jo Malone. Jo malone also makes a large "luxury candle" it's about 3/4 the size of the circle e cookie jar. These are my top picks for premium candles. Try them out if your budget allows!
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