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    Default Want to make some hair products

    I'm new to fragrances so I'm really not up to speed on how things blend together. I want to make some facial hair care products because I can't seem to find any with a scent I can deal with. Everything out there is heavy smelling and kind of old fashioned. I want to make a mustache wax and a beard conditioner of some sort. The functional ingredient will be mostly beeswax and either coconut oil or petroleum jelly. I'm thinking a clean citrusy scent like grapefruit. I was going to order a few essential oils and experiment but I'm not sure exactly what to start with. Any suggestions of things that later well with citrusy scents? Obviously I'm not making an eau de parfum here. Not trying to have long lasting powerful scent. Just pleasant and clean.
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    Default Re: Want to make some hair products

    Hi jbennet!

    As all petroleum products vaseline has zero nourishing qualities. I'd go for shea- or mango-butter instead.

    If you want to develop two products for different purposes I suggest creating one wax to firm the moustache and one oil to treat the beard. For the latter broccoli-seed or castor oil come to mind. Or simply almond oil. Broccoli-seed oil is often used as a substitute for silicone products that have anti-frizz properties and add shine. It is very light and dry but you would definitely have to scent it. Not that it is stinky but it's not odorless. Castor oil is very nourishing (also a good treatment for leather clothes!) and more heavy.
    Regarding the coconut oil – if you are not keen on the smell be sure to get a deodorized product. When melting the fats and working with shea butter it's helpful to use one of those little milk frothers for mixing the ingredients. Stir from time to time before it hardens again so you avoid the shea butter from getting grainy.
    A rough idea on the proportions:

    5g bees wax
    5g shea-butter
    10g coconut oil

    If you want more hold reduce the soft coconut oil in favour of the harder fats. Make small batches to begin with.

    And now to your initial question: I quite like the combination of bergamot (bergapten-free), amyris and lavender.
    Some of my (bought) facial products have a grapefruit smell and I like it a lot. I should get myself the essential oil, too!

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    Default Re: Want to make some hair products

    Definitely two different products. And not for commercial purposes or anything. Just my personal use.
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    Default Re: Want to make some hair products

    I guess the way to approach it is to work out the formula for the fragrance independent of the base so I don't end up with multiple batches of the stuff. Then experiment with how much fragrance the end product requires?
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