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    Hi there, I was wondering if someone could give me some recommendations for buying a new fragrance, my main fragrance ive been wearing lately is Bvlgari Aqua, ive just finished my 2nd bottle of this and ive really liked it but I want to get something different as you kind of get bored of wearing the same thing over and over. Other fragrances I have is Burberry London, Armani Code, Issey Miyake Pour Homme but I have mainly just been wearing the Aqua, Can someone else recommend a fragrance that I may like if I enjoy the Bvlgari Aqua? Thanks.

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    My suggestions would be Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

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    My suggestion - Azzaro Aqua
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    Calvin Klein Eau for Men.

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    Either Allure home by chanel or Platinum Egoiste also by chanel , you should definitely dig these
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    +1 for Eternity Aqua. It's good stuff.

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