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    Default Any info on Orto Parisi?

    Looks like the Nasomatto creator is releasing a new line. I couldn't find any other info though.
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    Default Re: Any info on Orto Parisi?

    The bottles look similar except for the wooden caps of earlier. Thanks for the info.
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    Default Re: Any info on Orto Parisi?

    I like their aesthetic and graphic…let's hope the juices will be just as good...

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    Default Re: Any info on Orto Parisi?

    The aesthetic is nice, let's hope it's not as pretentious as Nasomatto was. I'll be there tomorrow to smell the line.
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    Default Re: Any info on Orto Parisi?

    Orto Parisi Collection 9.jpg

    I am very interested to hear opinions from people who have smelled Orto Parisi Parfums. I understand that they were on display at Esxence and by the time the show was over the bottles were empty, surely someone that has smelled them can offer up a few words.
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    Default Re: Any info on Orto Parisi?

    The images for "BERGAMASK" remind me of the artwork of Mathew Barney's Cremaster Cycle!!!! My interest is sparked.

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    Default Re: Any info on Orto Parisi?

    Colin Maillard, what did you think of the Orto Parisi fragrances? Where there samples or promotional materials available at Esxence?

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