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    Default Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazo - O'Driu

    Posting a thread with the aim of recording these in the Directory.

    My investigations are being slightly hampered by a head cold, but Lumore seems like a good place to start this morning.

    Starting out very dry and astringently herbal, almost medicinal with bitter dry herbs (there's artemisia) - a real wake up!
    Some exotic spices soon kick in and remain with a wonderful coffee - at the moment this is a very unusual and enjoyable combination.

    This is some info. kindly provided by the creator.

    "This is a perfume about 'Comedy & Laughter', a perfectly human scent inducing a momentary anaesthesia of the senses to support the smell and investigate the 'comedy' and 'laughter'.
    An emotional relationship between man and liquid, to understand the thinking of Aristotle.

    This perfume was presented once with a ritual, the opportunity to open up to the world of knowledge and sensitivity through a perfume.

    The scent has investigated the Art revaluing the essence and separating it from ethics and morality to unveil Aristotle's secret about Comedy and Laughter."

    Does anyone else have some thoughts to share on these?

    I will try to post some info. on the other two shortly, sinuses permitting.
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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    Thanks for the info, lpp. Revisiting Lautunno tonight in light of this thread:

    O'driù Lautunno (l'autunno = autumn)

    There's little of the challenging spice rack opening that characterised a number of the classic O'driùs - the spices here are mellow, gently toasted, ever so slightly smoky; and then gracefully segues into speculoos and tea. Those who have tried Allegradonna may have encountered something of the biscuit there as well.

    This is about as close as it gets to a foody O'driù (except perhaps for the rather delectable and equally limited edition Splash), and like Pregoni's latest releases Eva Kant and Peety, it's very wearable. And I say this even though I usually prefer to eat my food than smell of it.

    Anyone else tried these O'driùs?

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    Thanks, rowan!

    Apparently, Lautunno is a bespoke perfume dedicated to Santo Versace, inducing memories of Calabria.

    'Passing through the Aspromonte you trample wet dry leaves in a breeze, coming from the sea, while in the narrow streets of the village toasting aromatic biscuits and spicy foods. The smell of Calabria is represented in all it's most intimate.
    The fragrance, however, has a unique elegance, a very musky dry down and changes absolutely male.'

    Will try that next

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    That's a lovely description of Lautunno, rowan - I love the way that the spices emerge from that dark, resinous opening.
    These each have very distinct dry downs too - an uncommon feature now.
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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    Hello friends, is there any place where these wonderful scents can be tried or sold? When were they released? thanx for nice reviews!

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    They came with a purchase of Lafro - I've had sinus issues so haven't finished exploring them yet, but they were limited runs.

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    i see, thanx!

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    There is info on some others here - they're pretty interesting imo

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    thank you, im already a big fan was just a pity to miss new scents

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    Totally, me too - they're not new ones, they've just not been recorded in the Directory here yet.

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu

    can they be a part of Perfhumance line, what do u think?

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazzo - O'Driu


    Yes, this is some info. on Labrazo, kindly provided by Anna Bagnoli

    Can the sight reach the ART by assimilating every concept preceding artistic production?
    It is not empirically verifiable, but surely the 'concept' underlying every contemporary artistic creation eludes simple visual approach.
    Angelo Orazio Pregoni, Nose of O'DRIU., leads olfactory emotions through art, revealing the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the eye. Through the most imaginative of the five senses, the smell, born 'PERFHUMANCE', Smells and views about Art', to understand the art all the way.
    In LABRAZO you feel the aromas of the works of Ugo Attardi that, in their anachronistic expressionism, seep primordial bodies and tango. And it's the beginnings of tango, milongas, from his soaked human bodies, so close to the experience of Pregoni (from Argentina) that this fragrance is born. A narrow carnal, sexual smell, dense and moist, as if the spicy sweat, from black-skinned combines white talc, during a dance of love.''

    They're only small samples so they're not being wasted on a stuffy nose but looking forward to exploring this soon!
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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazo - O'Driu

    ow that sounds great! and scent is a real master-piece.. any chance for couple words about Lumore and Lautunno?

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazo - O'Driu

    There are a few words further down the thread Seathinks - I'll try to take some decent pictures of the postcards now that the light is better here!

    Maybe others who have tried any of them could chime in here please?

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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazo - O'Driu

    Anna was very nice to send me a sample of Labrazo a while ago. It was stunning. Sadly, I couldn't afford anything more than that. Somewhere in Huddler hell I think there is a "review" of sorts. It was a while ago.


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    Default Re: Lumore, Lautunno & Labrazo - O'Driu

    Thank you, trex57 - I'll try to locate it as it would be cool to record these.

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