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Thread: TDC Bois D'Iris

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    One of my favourites iris scents (with Iris Silver Mist and Iris Bleu Gris) and probably one of Ellena's creations I enjoyed most; it smells great, not common, original and versatile. Unfortunately its low sillage and longevity on me are very frustrating. It exists any stronger twin brother on market??

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    I own this one and the Lutens is the closest I have come across so far - there don't seem to be that many around where the iris is left cold and vegetal like these two. Will be interested to see what else gets mentioned. Chanel No.19 is a pretty tight-lipped mirthless green iris, isn't it?

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    Also own this which I love and agree that the Lutens is probably the best bet for a scent that approximates its effect. On my skin, however, I don't have any problems with its staying power or how it projects.
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    Try one of JCE's other iris scents, Hermessence Paprika Brasil by Hermes.
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    I have the Iris Bleu Gris and VC&A Bois d'Iris. The TDC did not last long on me.

    You might also try Dior Bois d'Argent. I still have to try the Lutens.
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    I have lasting power issues with this also...

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    Miller Harris Terre d'Iris. Same woody iris.
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    Le Labo Iris 39 is in the cold iris category and lasts all day for me. I love the stuff. Wish my LLI39 split would fill! This scent will be awesome for March and April.

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