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    The Oud accord is about as prominent as the Royalty accord, to me. It must have some Oud though because every time I go near a Creed counter, the SA's always tell me that I must buy today because RO contains the highest amount of rare/precious Oud ever, and it could be discontinued as early as next week due to the difficulty in attaining the material. I'm not kidding.

    Nice fragrance -- the best thing the line has to offer these days -- but it's really just a hum-drum spicy wood thing with a lick of nagarmotha.

    But as Red pointed out, if this bore any passing resemblance to real Oud, they'd lose about 95% of their audience quite fast. Hence, spicy wood scent.
    At full retail price, it SHOULD contain the real stuff, but I can't believe they're trying to tell you that it does. I wonder if they actually believe that, or are they just deffacating from the mouth that which Creed has instructed them to say. What they should be saying is that no, it doesn't contain the real thing, but it's a fantastic smelling fragrance, and we'll charge you half the price for it. Being lied to about ingredients rubs me the wrong way.
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