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    Default adding water, confusion...


    i want to dilute down my perfume with water cause my ethanol i use is around 97%vol.
    On the professional bottles mainly the ethanol is at 80%vol.
    In my conclusion i have to add around 10% water the rest will be the perfume-oil.
    Then on the other hand i have read that before freezing out one should add only so much water as the perfume is going lightly milky.
    In my perfume i calculated that i have to add around 5ml of water to come closer to the 80%vol. ethanol-strength.
    But the confusion is that after a few drops of distilled water my perfume becomes lightly milky.

    One fraction of people say just add so much water if the very first tiny milkiness occours.
    But if i would do that i didn't get my ethanol-strenght down to 80%vol.

    Now i am in fear that if i add the whole 5ml of water that there will settle too much of fragrant materials and my endperfume will smell very different i have discovered it earlier.

    Which is the right way to do....?

    Best Regards:

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    Default Re: adding water, confusion...

    Why do you want to add water?
    There has been a lot of discussion on the forum about adding water, glycerin and some
    other things.. I think the bottom line was - just use your ethanol and perfume concentrate,
    and nothing else.. You could try searching the forum.

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    Default Re: adding water, confusion...

    Adding water? Don't.

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    Default Re: adding water, confusion...

    This business of 'adding water' seems so confusing to beginners. Where on earth did the idea come from?
    The answer is beautifully simple:

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    Default Re: adding water, confusion...

    A few other sources on the net say to use water or glycerine, don't. All you need are the oils and the alcohol.

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    Default Re: adding water, confusion...


    thanks guys for your help.
    I read about the adding of water from an perfumer who also made this with every perfume he makes.
    It made sense to me cause he says if you have an perfume with some amounts of balsams and other stuff..., that if you only have ethanol in nothing could fall out cause in the ethanol everything is soluble.
    With tiny amounts of water till clouding the chance will be higher that unwanted waxes ect. will fall out and can be filtered out after freezing.
    I then tought of an perfume of mine with high on benzoe-siam resinoid which only had ethanol as a solvent and after applying on skin it was very sticky.

    Yesterday i saw that video of that other guy which he adds the bentonite to the perfume for the help to getting the unwanted things out.
    And if this will go just with my ethanol/without-water perfume this will get very handy for me.
    Then i hadn't to take water in and didn't have to calculate everything that would be great.

    many thanks:

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