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    Lightbulb Perfume Taste, thoughts...

    Thoughts on the current gourmand and fruitychouli boom in fragrances:

    The recent trend in gourmands is not considered a regression of taste; what is disappointing-sad is the market research dictated what is available in the market, if you are a smart shopper once you start sampling or spray testing in the fragrance counter, you will realize everything just about smells the same

    One of the hallmarks in product launches is that you can be a cost leader, differentiation strategy, or first to market, loss leader, forgot other concepts...

    Sadly every company chose to be a cost leader, sell low cost products for high margins and this is the current state of the perfume industry, slowly killing itself. Niche market is suffering the same, releasing too many products, saturating the market and eventually it will be the survival of the fittest. If you do not have the financial backing to survive, you will eventually file for bankruptcy or be bought by a conglomerate.

    In the 21st century, just guessing, a minimum of $10million is required to launch a new perfume, the risk of failure is so high, MBA graduates are scared to make the jump and be more creative in their product launches, everyone wants to play it safe. A sad reality of the current MBA programs available in the world. Emphasis on market statistics made drones and robots out of the students of MBA and entrepreneurship.

    It is a big contrast during the 50s,60s,70s where cost of entry to the market is lower and the owners/entrepreneurs are willing to take risks.

    This trend will continue, as people in their 20s who have the purchasing power do not really buy perfumes at all. Within my circle of friends, only two people I know wear perfume, the rest do not. With the continuous IFRA and EU restrictions, and recent push, I will also join the group of non perfume users.

    Defining Taste:

    Taste or preferences is determined through life experiences as a child, school, peers, family, relatives and cultural norms. Certain life events may also significantly influence TASTE.

    Now about perfumes, typically you will start off with something familiar and readily available. You will appreciate if it endorsed by an artist, a model, or an image you aspire for. Later on in life, you get to know more about yourself and you become more confident in defining your likes/dislikes. Or sometimes, you just stay stagnant and your taste in perfumes may stay the same until you die.

    For some, they can be fickle and may easily loose interest and want to find something different. A perfume that will define who they are, will differentiate them from other people or simply reinstate they are richer than other people or having FINER/REFINED taste than fastfood perfume aficionados.

    Now, the question have you progressed or regressed in terms of cultural education in perfume appreciation? now that is hard to answer as this will be determined by socio-cultural factors and that varies from society to society, country to country - TASTE is determined by society - what is HIGH class, Middle Class, and Low Class.

    Ramblings and ideas of happyscent
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    "Nature and all her wonders guide me...Emotions find expression in fragrance. Fragrance is the music of my dreams. Fragrance is my inspiration." - Annick Goutal

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    Default Re: Perfume Taste, thoughts...

    I know for a fact that I have definitely progressed from the inexperienced youth I was in the 60s regarding cultural appreciation in perfume education due to a variety of factors which you eloquently stated.
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    Default Re: Perfume Taste, thoughts...

    The fragrance of today is the smell of money, greed, statistics, numbers and conformity.
    "Nature and all her wonders guide me...Emotions find expression in fragrance. Fragrance is the music of my dreams. Fragrance is my inspiration." - Annick Goutal

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