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    Default Deodorant without musk

    Hi, I'm new here.
    I have a pretty specific question.

    My husband uses Old Spice Pure Sport as a deodorant. It's effective, and has a nice, benign sporty fragrance.
    I've always liked it on him, but have come to realize that the base note to that fragrance must be musk. And as a women,
    I tend to notice the most insignificant of smells (or so I'm told!).

    I really don't care for this leftover musk lingering on his shirts. Can anyone recommend a deodorant that
    does not have musk as a fragrance note?
    It has to be a deodorant (no AP, please)

    I've looked at the recommendation for MensScience deodorant,
    but that contains tee tree oil, which can act as an estrogenic compound. Eek.

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    Default Re: Deodorant without musk


    There are many types of musks, which all smell different. So if a deodorant has musks in the base, do not assume you're not going to like it, it could be a different musk that you actually like. I have not smelled the old spice you cite, so unfortunately I don't know what it smells like exactly.

    My favorite scent for a deodorant is Caron pour un homme, lavender and vanilla, very classic. I don't perceive it as musky, but of course, there's no way to know unless you try it.

    Btw: I did not know about tea tree oil. It seems to be quite popular with beauty products for either sex- hard to think it has such effects. But who knows ...


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    Default Re: Deodorant without musk

    Cacio, thanks so much. I had never considered that there are different types of musk. I guess I assumed it
    was a general type of smell. I love lavender and vanilla, so I will keep your suggestion
    in mind!

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    Default Re: Deodorant without musk

    I detect no musky scent in Adidas Pure Game deodorant or the Speed Stick Active Fresh - to keep the price similar to the OS Pure Sport, both are effective and do what they are supposed to do.

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    Default Re: Deodorant without musk

    I'll check those out -- thanks!

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