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    Default Looking to start (or join) a perfume salon in Rhode Island

    Hi there!

    I am hoping to connect with other perfume enthusiasts in the Rhode Island area in hopes of starting (or joining) a perfume salon. Does such a group already exist in RI?

    It would be fun to periodically meet up with like-minded fumeheads to talk about perfumes and to share scents. I was inspired when reading Coming to My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure, and an Unlikely Bride, in which the author joins a perfume salon in Austin, TX

    The meetings could take place in social spaces like coffee houses or community spaces. Depending on the level of interest and participants' comfort levels with one other, perhaps salons could eventually transition to be hosted at members' homes.

    A different participant could be chosen to "lead" each salon meeting. This leader would present on a fun topic of his or her choosing -- such as the history of a particular perfume house or the background of a specific ingredient used in perfumes. In addition, we could have scent "show and tell" at each meeting. We could each bring a fragrance or two related to a theme -- just riffing here, but themes like: scents that make you think of your youth, date night scents, gender-bending scents, scrubbers, sentimental scents, holy grail fragrances, etc.

    If you are in the Rhode Island area and would be interested in participating in something like this, let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

    Thanks for taking the time to ready this. I am very interested in perfumes and read all of the blogs, but my schedule doesn't really allow me time to immerse myself in online discussion groups or decant swaps. I have a relatively small collection but love sampling everything I can get my hands on.

    A little about me... My favorite fragrances run the gambit from pretty (Chanel Coromandel) to skank (Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan), incense (Comme des Garcons Hinoki) to chypre (Clinique Aromatics Elixir), fougere (Penhaligon's Sartorial) to vegetal (Caron's Yatagan), quiet (Bruno Acampora Musc) to loud (Molinard Habanita), and kitten (Nanadebary Pink) to bear (Etat Libre d'Orange Tom of Finland). I love to wear men's fragrances and have gotten my husband into the 'world of perfume' over the past few years, too.

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    Default Re: Looking to start (or join) a perfume salon in Rhode Island

    Congrats and good luck.
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    Default Re: Looking to start (or join) a perfume salon in Rhode Island

    i used to live in Wrentham, MA which is right across the highway from you. I would have gladly joined.

    Good luck finding members.
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    Default Re: Looking to start (or join) a perfume salon in Rhode Island

    I think it sounds like a hoot. You might want to try creating a meet up group with this theme, might reach more possibilities this way.
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    Default Re: Looking to start (or join) a perfume salon in Rhode Island

    It sounds interesting : let's see how many wanna show up out of the wood wards...
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    Default Re: Looking to start (or join) a perfume salon in Rhode Island

    Hi! I am considering hosting a salon in the New England area (I am in CT). How much interest would their be, how many perfumers are in the NY/NJ/CT/MA/RI area?

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    Default Re: Looking to start (or join) a perfume salon in Rhode Island

    I think that this thread is more consumers so far?
    Directory contribution link:-

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    Default Re: Looking to start (or join) a perfume salon in Rhode Island

    To the OP: Good luck with your endeavor!
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