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    Default Tips for buying FENDI original formula on EBAY

    A long time ago when I was a student, I did an internship at a pharmaceutical company and I worked with this woman who always smelled fantastic. After smelling her day after day I finally said to her "What is that perfume you're wearing, it's awesome!" And she smiled and told me it was FENDI. I told her thanks and again how great it was. I could smell her in the hallway and knew she was around LOL!.

    I wasn't really into perfumes yet because I had zero money to buy anything, let alone any scents. Fast forward 15 years later and now I'm into perfumes like crazy--both male and female. I had remembered FENDI and I decided I wanted to buy some to smell it again. Anyone who has looked on EBAY recently might have noticed the bottles there are going for 120-378 dollars for a bottle with the highest prices for the eau de parfum and the cheaper for the eau de toilette. Some of the sellers put up minis that are 4.5ml and those range from 8 dollars to 20 dollars.

    I was hesitant to buy at such high prices so I started going to ebay every week or so and looking at the search results. The best deals to be had are for the bottles that are partially filled. I finally found a seller offering a half bottle (50ml so about 25ml) plus a mini for 44 dollars and I snatched it up. ... I kept at it just to see how often these come about and the very next week I found a full bottle of 50ml eau de toilette for 78 dollars and snatched that one up too. I guess the take home message I'm giving here is if you want FENDI and can't afford the high prices, if you keep at it you might just find a good deal on ebay. The really high priced bottles don't seem to move much and show up in the first few pages of results. Both my awesome finds were on pages 5 and higher.

    And to be honest, the juice is so potent you only need a dab for personal enjoyment and even small amounts will go a LONG way. I'm sniffing my wrist right now and it's amazing how memory for scent can be so permanent. (same for charles of the ritz which i'm having an even harder time finding for less than 300 dollars)

    Have a good night!

    And don't worry, I now have enough FENDI to keep me happy for the rest of my life so I probably won't be stealing any more of the deals from EBAY. Happy Hunting.

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    Default Re: Tips for buying FENDI original formula on EBAY

    Grat story! Glad you could relive those days. I've had similar experiences and understand the scent/association phenomenon.
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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