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    Question Lush's Big and Ladyboy

    I just received my favorite fragrance (limited edition via Ebay) Big, by Lush. I needed a new summertime fragrance, and this one is so juicy, fresh, and warm. Basenotes doesn't have it in their directory, however.
    Notes: Neroli, mandarin, lemon, orange flower, vanilla.

    I also got a sample of Ladyboy, by Lush, and I'm not sure how to describe it. At first whiff, it's herbaceous and sharp, then dissipates into a scent like opening up a leather bag of tobacco in an antique bookstore; very musty and woody. At first it was pungent and cloying, but after 15 minutes it became warm and spicy; the labdanum is evocative and tenacious. Out of the bottle, it was terrible; on my skin, I can't stop smelling it. I still don't know if I like it, but it's reminiscent of something,
    Notes: Violet leaf absolute, labdanum resinoid, oakmoss absolute, seaweed absolute.
    Basenotes also doesn't have this one in their directory.

    Has anyone else tried these?

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    I have not tried Big, and I'm curious, I find most Lush interesting and worth testing.

    I have tried Ladyboy, but I have the stick. On me, the stick remains much more violet-powdery like, I don't seem to get much to the warm oriental stage you talk about. So I must clearly try it again (I probably also have a small sample of the liquid one).


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    My fiance uses Big shampoo. I had no clue they made a perfume version. I'm going to have to get her some immediately. We share a 250ML flacon of Neroli Portofino, so this will be a welcomed addition to her collection. Thanks!
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    I have two decants of Ladyboy, very strange but addictive. I get banana in the opening(I hate synthetic flavours, but love this), then it changes into something lovely. Like you not sure I would buy a full size?

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    Just wanted to chime in about Lush. I just received a decant of SNOW SHOWERS. Its a LE apparently. The only way to describe this(Im not well versed in note picking) is a narcotic, sticky citrus with a boozy vibe. This scent is definitely a unisex fragrance. This is the first LUSH fragrance I've tried. It won't be the last. SN is a real treat and a nice surprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trex57 View Post
    This is the first LUSH fragrance I've tried. It won't be the last. SN is a real treat and a nice surprise.
    It really is a fantastic line—truly original compositions that are well made from top-shelf naturals and absolutes. They're not all good (obviously), but many are fantastic. Far better than anything else you could find in a mall.

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    Go-to standouts of course are Dirty and Breath of God. Lush's Gorilla fragrance line is such a creative and accessible alternative to run-of-the-mill designer frags.

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