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    Default Montale White Aoud - advice please

    I'm trying this from a sample and am wondering if I've got the wrong perfume.

    Jarring synthetic whiteout a la urinal cake - a funny marine-fougere like top layer (I keep thinking of the icky Cool Water) over a huge dose of the kind of dry wood aromachemical that sinks Opus V. Completely unbalanced and pretty awful. However, reading reviews of this I keep encountering how creamy it is, enthusiasm for vanilla, rose and saffron notes, none of which seem evident in what I have got on. I've been wearing it for a good while now and am wondering whether my sample, which I got towards the end of 2013, has been mislabelled.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Montale White Aoud - advice please

    Hmm, maybe I guess. It has been a little while since I sampled this one, but I remember it creamy with a prominent rose. I do remember the top having a medicinal (oud) smell, but that was about it. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    Default Re: Montale White Aoud - advice please

    I own this and clearly get the rose-saffron combo drying down into a subtle amber vanilla. The oud note is quite subdued. Personally don't get any of the references you mention in your analysis.
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    Default Re: Montale White Aoud - advice please

    Thank you, cello and hednic. I think it must be something else sent to me as White Aoud - there's no way I smell rose, saffron or vanilla in this. The woody note is also not in the usual Montale spectrum (I tend to enjoy their ouds - I know they have their detractors).
    I've now had it on for about 7 hours and it's carrying on in the same sickly-fougere-overlaid-on-dry-wood vein. I was wondering whether it was a victim of Montale changing its composition but it seems it's nowhere close to what it should be, so that's probably unlikely.

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