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    Default Jannet al Firdaus: An aldehydic bomb.

    Peeling the cellophane off the little red box, breaking the sticker seal on the box itself, I didn't know what to expect. I lift the top portion of the carton, to find a little bottle nestled in a very soft, peach colored, cotton like material. The bottle itself is nothing special. Unscrewing the gold tone cap, reveals a little plastic stopper, but leaving it in place, I could still smell the scent, but faintly. Then I removed the stopper, and was greeted with a soapy, nose searing aldehydic blast, like nothing I've ever experienced. It's like M. Miglin Pheromone, White Linen and Chanel No.5 got together and spawned this...this green colored something. I promptly replaced the stopper, getting a bit of the juice on my fingers. There was no turning back now, so I rubbed it up and down my arm, and observed. As the smell warmed a bit, the sharpness began to wane. A very "classic" soapiness mixed with a little musk. It gets musky-er as times goes, but the soap steadily calms, becoming a quiet skin scent. But this was over a course of 8 hours or so. Plans of wearing this would require small dabs, possibly on the ankles, before ever daring to wear it in public.
    The name (and color of the liquid) may allude to a verdant paradise, but its more a fluffy, billowy, sudsy place, than a green one.

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    Default Re: Jannet al Firdaus: An aldehydic bomb.

    Gee, you say "aldehydic bomb" like that's a bad thing.
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    Default Re: Jannet al Firdaus: An aldehydic bomb.

    I saw it at an Indian store, and given how cheap it was, and the fact that Swissarabian has some interesting stuff (eg Mukhallat Shahamah, M al malaki), I got it blind. This is soap from hell. Had modern chemistry been available back then, Dante would have used in the divine comedy to punish major sins involving dirt or lack of hygiene. Reference to no 5 or White Linen don't give the idea, think a year's production of a cheap, third wold country soap factory concentrated in a bottle.

    I'm glad to hear it tones down after several hours. In any case, I'm happy to have gotten the bottle, it's one of those things, like say Complex, worth smelling sometimes to remind oneself of the power of modern chemistry.


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    Default Re: Jannet al Firdaus: An aldehydic bomb.

    In India this can be easily purchased for <1$ and can be smelt a lot due to its price.
    It is very very loud, almost screeching in a way that it makes me think of someone
    screeching and scratching glass on a blackboard, I dislike it.

    Don't know if it's soapy or aldehydic, when I smell it on someone, all I can think of is harsh
    laboratory chemicals.

    What I smell is definitely not the swiss arabian one, it is closer to how the ittar is supposed
    to smell originally I suppose, while the swiss arabian one could be altered to suit western taste's.

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    Default Re: Jannet al Firdaus: An aldehydic bomb.

    Jannat is an attar which can be done extremely well or very badly. In its true form its a green, grassy and mossy with a sandalwood base.

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    Default Re: Jannet al Firdaus: An aldehydic bomb.


    interesting, I didn't know it was a generic name for a type of perfume. Mine referred to the Swissarabian one. Good to know that one should not necessarily flee in horror when encountering the name.


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    Default Re: Jannet al Firdaus: An aldehydic bomb.

    Yes, I got the Swiss Arabian version. All isn't lost, and I don't think I've wasted money on it. It ain't bad, once it has calmed down. I what I put on yesterday, I can still detect today. It smells like soap washed skin. Nothing really groundbreaking, but something I can use when I just want to smell like soap.
    First applied, however, it's "paradise" comprised of meadows filled with pastel flowers made of dryer sheets, shimmering lakes of liquid detergent, and billowy clouds of suds....floating over head in a baby/powder blue sky (emphasis on powder)! LOL

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