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    Question Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    I've had many very ordinary scents over the years, usually gifts. Boss Bottled, YSL l'Homme, D&G The One Gentleman for example. Fine, not bad, but pretty mainstream. Then I started sampling, and was completely blown away by M7, Encre Noir, Egoiste, Bulgari Black and Silver Mountain Water. Each so different to the other, yet so much more interesting than my previous experiences.

    I've continued to sample, but I haven't been blown away by anything recently. So many seem like 'homages' (to be polite) to others. I've grown tired of "citrus and wood" (Terre, Aventus, Yardley, Jaguar), and I've found I don't really like "aquatic". Even Green Irish Tweed, revered by so many (though I can very much feel the quality) seemed a little boring.

    I'm looking for some suggestions for scents that made you stop and think "wow - I've never smelt anything like that before".


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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    L'air du desert Marocain

    Montale Aoud & pine

    Montale Aoud Samarkand
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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    The last fragrance that I tried that made me think "wow - I've never smelt anything like that before" was probably Norne by Slumberhouse. You mention liking Encre Noire so you may want to seek out a sample of Norne: whether you love it or decide it's not for you I'm sure you'll agree that it's something a little less ordinary.

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    Perhaps also: Van Cleef&Arpels pour Homme, Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, Guerlain Homme EDP, Heritage, Habit Rouge and Mouchoir de Monsieur, Esencia Loewe, vintage Trussardi Uomo, Ungaro II, Caron pour un Homme, Knize Ten may be worth sampling/testing.

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    Azzaro visit
    Roger & gallet open
    Salvatore ferragamo pour homme

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    Incense Rose
    Noir de Noir
    Bois Blond
    L'Ombre Fauve
    Sel Marin
    Messe de Minuit

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    I would agree with Norne...but for something along the same lines...yet different, Slumberhouse Ore...fantastic stuff....dark dark chocolate with woods. Amazing stuff!!
    Different's a polarizing frag, it's a love/hate type, I personally love it.
    Different Woody (besides Norne and Ore)--Imaginary Authors Cape Heartache--wow is this awesome. Woods and Strawberry, unique and fantastic!
    Different Floral--Le Labo Rose 31...I'm really not a fan of rose...but....this one I love...I never thought I would.
    Different Incense--Profumum Roma Olibanum...I didn't know how I felt about it at the beginning, but now I'm fascinated by this one.
    Different Gourmand--L'antichambre Le Speculoos...smells like a warm, awesome cookie...but it's surprisingly wearable.
    Different...just different--CB I Hate Perfume November...smells like autumn, rotting leaves, pumpkin, cool's awesome.

    Others that I'd recommend that are repeats of genres are: Amouage Memoir Man (One of my absolute favorite frags), Odin 10 Roam, MCMC Hunter (Not mentioned hardly at all on here but very unique and great stuff), CDG Cinnamon Sherbet--this is one of my favorite frags for different's very easy to wear and extremely unique in that it's a fresh cinnamon.

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    I would back the idea of the Slumberhouse fragrances as being a bit different and would also suggest Odeur 53 as something that is a bit 'out there'

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    Hard Leather
    Aoud Heritage
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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    Most recently (about 1 hour ago): Parfumes de Nicolai - Amber Oud
    Current Spring Favorites:

    1. Creed - Spice & Wood
    2. by Kilian - Straight to Heaven
    3. Dior - Vetiver
    4. Clive Christian - 1872 for Men
    5. Tom Ford - Rive d’Ambre
    6. Ermenegildo Zegna - Javanese Patchouli
    7. Les Nez - Turtle Vetiver Back
    8. Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver EDP
    9. Creed - Green Valley
    10. Parfumerie Generale - Grand Siecle Intense 7.1

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    I've found Cuir from Mona di Orio quite 'strange'. Like a fragrant ashtray with leather.
    Knize Ten was mentioned and this one I feel is also unlike many others.
    Angel when it was released gave a similar effect: ' hm...what's this!? Very different at the time.
    Xazirri, discovering the 'mad and magic' world of perfumery

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    Some great suggestions, many thanks.

    I own Pour un Homme, and I've sampled Troisieme & L'Anarchiste from Caron. I do like them, but not love them.
    I've also sampled Black Aoud from Montale. I do find it both different and interesting, but it did seem a little "loud" or overwhelming. I do enjoy wearing it when I'm home alone though!

    The Slumberhouse sample pack, Habit Rouge, Chergui (I loved Back to Black by Kilian and some say this is similar), L'Air du Desert Morocain and Knize Ten are all on my "to sample" list. Excellent. Many of the others will now make it onto the list!

    Keep em' coming.


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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    If you're thinking about mainstream, you could try some Lush, which are quite unique, eg Breath of God or Dirty.

    Very many in niche. I'll toss in the Etat libre d'orange, especially things like Rien (bitter,animalic leather) or Tom of Finland (smooth saffrony suede).


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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    Comme des Garcons 2 Man
    Comme des Garcons Zagorsk

    I find these two fragrances interesting, highly wearable and pretty versatile.

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    annick goutal ninfeo mio
    annick goutal mandragore
    annick goutal mandragore pourpre
    annick goutal nuit etoilee
    annick goutal eau du sud
    annick goutal ce soir jamais
    The different company rose poiveree
    tdc sel de vetiver
    penhaligons satorial
    mfk lumiere noire
    tdc debachmakov
    john varvatos platinum
    tdc sublime balkiss
    guerlain habit rouge
    comme de garcons odeur 53
    maison francis kurkdjian absolue pour le matin
    M by Mariah Carey
    serge lutens jeaux de pau
    diptyque lombre dans leau
    sisley de campagne
    creed green valley
    penhaligons vaara
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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    2 scents of 2 seasons that I absolutely love to wear.

    Kiton Men - A freshing, classy, upbeat scent. Great for work. Lasts a good 6-8 hours with a few sprays. Vibrant, bright.
    Midnight in Paris EDP - Rich, smoothly interesting blend of Almond, Lily, Tea. Lasts 12+ hours with only a couple of sprays. Deep, dark, mysterious. Said to be unisex, but I think its dark side is masculine.

    Honorable mention - Trussardi L'Uomo - Sweet/Sour smell. I personally dont like it very much, but its very unique, earthy, vegetal in a good way. Very tuscan, a skin scent.

    Do your homework on these, they're probably not for everyone, but I think they're hard to beat.
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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    You'll probably enjoy checking out Amouage, whose common theme is frankincense, but each composition incorporates the note in surprising ways. They're often pretty different, too, and take some time to really appreciate. For different, check out Memoir Man, Interlude Man, and Fate Man.

    Much of Comme des Garçons' line falls into what you're looking for, I'd say. There are few other houses that match avant garde with wearable the way they do. Others have mentioned Odeur 53, but I actually prefer Odeur 71. Also check out Artek Standard, CdG 2 Man, CdG 2, and Black.

    Bvlgari Black is a great outlier among designer releases. L'Artisan Dzing! has a similar vibe overall. Timbuktu and Dzongkha, both also from L'Artisan, are unique takes on incense. Vintage M7 isn't quite like anything else. Same could be said for Fahrenheit. Once you're game to jump away from the fragrant mainstream, there's really no end to the fascination. Hope you enjoy sniffing.

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    Heres a list of fragrances a little off the track.

    Cale-Preludo d'Oriente
    O'Driu-Eva Kant and Peety
    Parfumerie Generale-Amoassi, Querelle and L'Ombre Fauve
    Serge Lutens-Fourreau Noir & Gris Clair
    Tauer-Lonestar Memories & LDDM

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    For unusual I would sample Commes de Garcon and

    For daily wear I would sample Creed and Bond # 9...

    For special occasions and personal pleasure I would sample
    Amouage and Xerjoff...
    Currently wearing: Pasha by Cartier

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    Default Re: Looking for new, different, *interesting* suggestions

    Olivier Durbano's Black Tourmaline...
    Current favorites_____Black Tourmaline_____Gucci Pour Homme II_____Memoir Man_____Tuscan Leather______Montale Aoud and Pine_____Sel Marin_____Invasion Barbare_____Tonka Imperial____Dior Homme Intense_____L'Humaniste____Santal 33_____Bois d'Argent_____Nio_____MFK Oud_____Lumiere Noire_____Bois d'Encens_____Cuir Ottoman

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