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    Default Addictive Winter Winner

    Hey guys, I have been looking hard and have got down to only these houses Mona Di Orio ,Serge Lutens, Amouage and Frederic Malle.
    Is there a winter fragrance which is absolutely addictive and you can't get rid off ? If you guys think that other houses suit the brief better then fire away.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    I will be more specific, winter daytime !

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    From Mona Di Orio: Cuir and also Oud
    From Frederic Malle: Bois D'Orage and also Musc Ravageur
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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    I don't know that I'd name a house, but this winter LIDGE (L'Instant De Guerlain pour homme eau Extreme) by Guerlain and Epic Man by Amouage have been winners for me.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    From the houses you listed:

    Mona di Orio: Vanille and Cuir
    Serge Lutens: Chergui and Fille en Aiguilles
    Amouage: Epic and Jubilation XXV
    Frederic Malle: Musc Ravageur

    Those are my favorites. It is hard for me to find a good fragrance for Winter compared to other seasons though.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    Serge- Fumerie Turque is a pretty obvious choice (sweet and smokey). Borneo 1834, as a thicker gourmand, would be fantastic for winter. Ambre Sultan would be great, and MKK would work very well. I absolutely loathe Gris Clair, but if I were to wear it, I'd wear it in the winter. There are probably many others, but these are the Lutens I'm familiar with that I think would work for winter.

    Amouage- Well, the attars would be beautiful in winter (and there are tons of them that the western market isn't familiar with that I haven't heard anything about, I'm curious to hear about these). I'm honestly not that into too many of Amouage's fragrances. Jubilation XXV might do well in winter, I can certainly picture that.

    Frederic Malle- I'm finding this one pretty tough. I don't know a lot of the line. How about Geranium pour monsieur? I can totally picture the minty floral shining in snowy weather. It would be beautiful.

    Mona- The only Mona I actually like is Vanille, and I think it's work pretty well in the winter. I'm kind of blech to everything else.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    Mona di Orio's Vanille is definitely a nice winter scent as are Ambre Sultan and Chergui from Serge Lutens.

    I'm a great admirer of Jubilation XXV and only ever where it in the winter months but some may find it better suited for nighttime, rather than daytime, wear.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    Serge Lutens-Fourreau Noir

    Outside those houses Amoassi-PG(fantastic frag.)

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    You've got some great suggestions above. Adding my $0.02, Slumberhouse Vikt extrait has been the scent this winter that grabbed me and just won't let go. Licorice + incense. I'm even wearing it to work. Can't put it down….

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    +1 FM Bois d'Orage
    Seasonal favorites:

    1. Creed - Spice & Wood
    2. Creed - Aventus
    3. Dior - Vetiver
    4. by Kilian - Incense Oud
    5. Puredistance - Black
    6. by Kilian - Cruel Intentions
    7. Armani Privé - Oud Royal
    8. Brückner - Aoud 1
    9. Creed - Royal English Leather
    10. House of Matriarch - Blackbird

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    From the houses you've listed, the two fragrances that I've been wearing a lot this season are Serge Lutens Chergui and Amouage Fate man.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    SL Fumerie Turque of the houses you listed, but you should definitely check out Profumum Arso. It's my #1 winter "go to" fragrance.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    Thanks for such great suggestions guys, i will definitely try them out. As of now i am leaning towards Malle but i will check out the rest for sure.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    Musc Ravageur. Women will be running after you, screaming your name and throwing their handbags and panties at the windows of your chauffeur-driven black Range Rover as you speed off into the night. In my opinion.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    Lutens - Muscs Kublai Khan

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    LIDGE is the one I think of. So good I just want to smell it by putting my nose down my shirt.

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    Default Re: Addictive Winter Winner

    MDO I would go with Vetiver, Serge Lutens I would go with Chergui or Fumerie Turque, Frederic Malle my beloved Musc Ravageur and Amouage gets Memoir Man.
    My current top ten:
    1. Spice and Wood
    2. Apple Brandy
    3. Tonka Imperiale
    4. Pure Malt
    5. Bois d'Argent
    6. Noir de Noir
    7. 5 o'clock au Gingembre
    8. Dior Homme Intense
    9. Epic Man
    10.Tobacco Vanille

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