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    Found these two in an old shop, any feedback on them ?

    The white and red box version reminds me strongly of t'erre
    D'hermes, while the black version is something different than
    what I've come across, off putting if smelt up close but from a
    distance its more like incense & vanilla with spices, couldnt
    make out anything more.

    Worth getting at 10$ for each ?

    Also found this, didnt get a chance to try it though :



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    With apologies for getting a bit off-topic especially in the first reply: ever tried any of them, but judging strictly based on what I know about female fragrances for Bourjois, their are generally very high quality and good value for the money. Thus, extrapolating a bit, 10$ each seems a good price for these two male scents.

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    I have Bourjois - Masculine Equateur (aromatic fougere) and, if one likes this group, the quality is impressive
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