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    Default Old spice wolfthorn

    Has anyone ever smelled this amazing smelling deodorant and know if there is any cologne that smells like it??

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    I've seen Wolfthorn cologne in the store before. It smells pretty good

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    Default Re: Old spice wolfthorn

    I smelled it from the stick, I did not try it on skin. I get a nice smell that's slightly fruity (some berry perhaps?) and just a touch floral. Regrettably, the body spray or the cologne with this name don't smell like the deodorant, there's just a touch of the note, and then there's the usual body spray base. I think that the deodorant in the animal line are much better than the body sprays.

    Nothing comes to mind, but I don't know much of mainstream perfumery. I guess the idea is a sweetish fruity with some flowers, less sharp than most masculines, somewhat bright, but not too much.


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    ^ Agreed, deoderant is great, the spray is awful.

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    I've noticed that the deodorant, body wash, and cologne all smell very different. I agree with your opinion that of these formats, the deodorant smells the best. I've never tried layering them to see how they perform together.
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    I got the deodorant and the cologne and the body wash, out of the three the deodorant smells the best the cologne isn't bad for a fruity fresh cologne.

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    Possibly L'artisan Timbuktu if I'm remembering the deodorant correctly

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