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    Question La Nuit De LHomme Genuine or tampered with?

    I purchased a brand new 6.7 oz. bottle of La Nuit De LHomme and I had a few questions regarding its authenticity and or signs of tampering. The box is silver with a rigid plastic sleeve that it slides into without any plastic wrapper on the outside. The batch number on the box is UH125z but the batch number on the bottle is 62H40o. The number on the bottle is upside down from the rest of the label. Straight down the middle of the bottle on the front where the words are and on the opposite side is a line in the glass like it was manufactured that way (like from the glass mold). Does any of this sound suspicious or does this sound like a legitimate item? Also the batch code comes back with a manufacturing date of 2011-04, since the box has a transparent front and the bottle is mostly transparent do you think I have anything to worry about in terms of the juice being adversely affected? Is there going to be a problem with it not being able to stay fresh long enough for me to use. Thanks you for your anticipated assistance.
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    Default Re: La Nuit De LHomme Genuine or tampered with?

    Hard to know for sure, but it looks OK to my eyes.
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    Default Re: La Nuit De LHomme Genuine or tampered with?

    Generally the batch code on the box and the bottle should match. As for the box, i have indeed seen clear-plastic-and-silver-box for 200 ml (6.7 oz) bottle. My 100 ml bottle doesn't have any 'line' that you mention of. Its a well made bottle.

    Besides, the shelf-life marking should be marked 36 months, not 24 months. Quite a lot of bad pointers. Where did you buy it from? If you have a return and refund option, go for it. Its a huge bottle and will last a long while. You don't want to be feeling you may be wearing a fake frag every single time you wear it.

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    Default Re: La Nuit De LHomme Genuine or tampered with?

    It's legit. I've seen these before, they are packaged like 'gift sets' and gift set batch codes will never match the bottle. Also, they don't make fake 200ml bottles that I'm aware of. In your long description of all the things you think are strange, you never mentioned the smell once - I'm betting it's fine. You have nothing to worry about. Enjoy a great frag!

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    Default Re: La Nuit De LHomme Genuine or tampered with?

    Have you experience this scent in the past because that's another key to know if juice is authentic, if not go to Sephoras and get a free decant and do side to side comparisons btw, from the pictures you posted of frag it looks fine...
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