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    Default Ladies' giveaway thread - Rules - Please read first.

    This was previously posted here but may have been lost in the shuffle back:

    Offering samples and bottles for free will be allowed here. Let's see if we can do this without asking for sample shipping costs. If someone offers samples and then later receives some, the costs should be a wash. Shipping samples in a small sandwich type baggie and then placing them in a bubble wrap envelope should cost no more than $2.00 U.S. Bottle shipping requests must be for typical shipping costs. Even though the bottles are free please pack them carefully! This should be a fun and conflict free experience. Please do not ask for more than one freebie per month. We do not want "freebie hogs" to ruin the experience for everyone else. Requests are not allowed here, as doing so would be outside the marketplace rules and allowing it would lead to requests from those who do not meet marketplace requirements. Please state to whom you have sent samples. Some reply by PM so no one knows who got them. We want to be able to see if anyone is "hogging" the sample giveaway. Regarding shipping out of one's country- Although some have no problem with this, it is certainly not an obligation. Some must wait on line at an actual post office to do so as opposed to being able to ship domestically from an annex. So let's not disparage those who state CONUS or EU ONLY, for example.

    All responses to giveaways should be public so there is no question as to who was first. It may be wise to first post publicly and then follow with a PM with one's address.

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    Default Re: Ladies' giveaway thread- no requests allowed! 03/07/2014

    There is a giveaway thread here for use by members - please read the rules before participating.
    Thanks & enjoy!
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