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    Default Re: One house, 4 seasons, 4 frags...

    Quote Originally Posted by L'Homme Blanc Individuel View Post

    Winter: Lonestar Memories
    Spring: Orange Star
    Summer: L'Air du Desert Marocain
    Fall: Incense Extreme

    4 seasons from Tauer is a challenge. My favorites from him are all winter/fall scents, but L'Air du Desert Marocain can definitely be worn in the summer, so long as it isn't humid outside, thanks to its dusty dryness.
    Oh my gawd. this is perfect!

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    Default Re: One house, 4 seasons, 4 frags...


    spring- jazz
    autumn-rive gauche


    summer-dior homme sport
    autumn-fahrenheit absolute
    winter-dior homme intense

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    Default Re: One house, 4 seasons, 4 frags...

    Quote Originally Posted by anewtypedude View Post

    Spring: Versace Pour Homme
    Summer: Man Eau Fraiche
    Fall: Eros
    Winter: Dreamer
    Love the list above!! Here's another designer house that I haven't seen yet: LANVIN

    Spring: L'Homme
    Summer: L'Homme Sport
    Fall: Avant Garde
    Winter: Arpege Homme
    Winter Rotation:

    Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo
    Byredo Black Saffron
    John Varvatos Original
    Dior Homme Intense
    Versace Man
    Calvin Klein Euphoria Intense for Men

    If smelling good was a crime, I'd be serving a lifetime sentence....

    - OE (olfactoryexperience)

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    Default Re: One house, 4 seasons, 4 frags...

    There are some great and I mean GREAT lists in here so far. I will add one I've been thinking about.


    Spring: GPH2
    Summer: Envy
    Fall: Rush
    Winter: GPH1

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    Default Re: One house, 4 seasons, 4 frags...

    Here's a few more of my favorite houses:

    Spring: Menthe Fraiche
    Summer: Sel Marin
    Fall: Agarwoud
    Winter: Cuir Pleine Fleur

    Tom Ford:
    Spring: Grey Vetiver
    Summer: Neroli Portofino
    Fall: Tom Ford for Men
    Winter: Noir de Noir

    Spring: Vetiver Babylone
    Summer: Acqua di Gio Essenza
    Fall: Myrrhe Imperiale
    Winter: Oud Royal

    Spring: Allure Homme Edition Blanche
    Summer: Allure Homme Sport
    Fall: Egoiste
    Winter: Sycomore
    Current Winter Favorites:

    1. House of Matriarch - Blackbird
    2. Brückner - Aoud 1
    3. Creed - Royal Oud
    4. Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 - Generation Man
    5. Armani Privé - Oud Royal
    6. by Kilian - Straight to Heaven
    7. Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 - Mortal Skin
    8. Ormonde Jayne - Black Gold
    9. Creed - Royal English Leather
    10. by Kilian - Cruel Intentions

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    Default Re: One house, 4 seasons, 4 frags...

    Czech & Speake
    Spring: Neroli
    Summer: Cuba
    Autumn: No.88
    Winter: Oxford & Cambridge
    Formerly known as Inselaffe

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