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    Default Curve batch numbers

    Sorry, couldn't help it, I'm just so sick of it all I had to express my disgust in a playful manner.

    Avent your us on out of here will be my next title. Lol

    But serially, any other awesome liz Claibornes you can think of?

    I've always been a huge fan of Mambo, but it has such a high sweet fruity tone to it that my nose seems to lose quickly. Over exposure perhaps?

    I don't know, maybe it just doesn't last and I'm taking the blame for it, but it's so cheap, I got a bottle for a sitting around the house scent.

    What's your Lizzy-poos?

    Should I try curve? I've held out to this point, worried about poor longevity.

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    Default Re: Curve batch numbers

    Disgust? Most of the Aventus hype is just people's enthusiasm. Yeah, it goes overboard, but there's no harm in it. The cliche backlash is worse than the hype, and it happens with anything that becomes popular, be it a piece of tech, a sports team, or even a fragrance.

    Should you try Curve? Sure, why not? Life is too short to seek reasons to try something. I'll be sampling stuff until the day I die. Fragrances, microbrews, concoctions with dark chocolate. You only live once. Try, try try, even if only for the sake of the experience.

    I doubt Curve will thrill you, but I don't mean that in a bad way. In my opinion, it doesn't have exciting top notes, but the base (which Claiborne uses on others too, like Bora Bora) really brings in the compliments for whatever reason. It's super synthetic, but it smells good on skin. I probably have more funny stories about compliments gotten while wearing Curve than from all other scents combined.
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    Default Re: Curve batch numbers

    Mine is 1HA04 and it smells like the original release...

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    Default Re: Curve batch numbers

    Aventus should have its own subforum.

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    Default Re: Curve batch numbers

    Do you feel better now?
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    Default Re: Curve batch numbers

    Lol yes, I did. Much.

    But u was serious about showing some love for Liz Claiborne.

    Anyone else found a love for mambo man?

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    Default Re: Curve batch numbers

    Ew, sorry, I absolutely despise Mambo. It had a good idea and a good theme, but it smells wayyy too chemical, probably the most chemical smelling fragrance I've ever smelled.

    Claiborne has made a few winners for me though. The very underrated Realities is quite nice, it reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana D&G for Men, only more synthetic smelling, maybe less lemon too. Everytime I wear Realities though, I noticed people to be sneezing. I think the notes may have something that triggers allergies.

    The Curve line has been pretty much a waste for me. I'd like the original if it wouldn't smell like glue. I don't like any of the flankers except for Crush and Chill. Crush is pretty nice, but the dry down is a little bland. Chill is a nice freshy. Kicks was ok, but a bit awkward to wear, and horrible longevity on me. I do enjoy the fun grape soda like note though.

    Lucky You, Lucky #6, and Realities Graphite Blue are all ok too. Graphite Blue kind of smells like crayons. I used to hate it, but recently found a sample of it, and thought it wasn't too bad. It's kind of boring though. Lucky #6 reminds me of Fahrenheit in the opening, but with a blueberry like accord, I enjoy this one, but I don't think it's bottle worthy again, since I didn't wear it much. Longevity was weak too. Same goes for Lucky You, actually surprisingly decent longevity for cologne strength concentration, the citrus here is very vibrant and uplifting, with a green feel.. but again, but sort of blah.. I have too many others that I reached for before this.

    To be honest, looking back now, I do own Realities and Crush, and have considered repurchasing Chill. But honestly, I could do without any of them in my collection.

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