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    Default Less Popular/Non Designer Fragrances, Ever Actually See Them At Retail?

    So I was wondering. Fragrances/houses that are more obscure like Samba, Cuba houses, or for example Cigar by Remy Latour which has a suggested retail price of 35 bucks according to fragnet. A lot of these just have inflated suggested retail prices, but really NEVER go for the retail price.

    I wonder if maybe they do go for retail in other countries or something? Let's not include when they are discontinued and hit ebay for high prices. I mean just in general.

    I remember someone told me the original Samba for men was on sale at Kmart when it first came out in the early 90s for its retail price of like 30 some bucks.
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    Default Re: Less Popular/Non Designer Fragrances, Ever Actually See Them At Retail?

    I'm sure there are certain vendors out there that try to milk all they can from these mass-market brands to many people who are unaware, and sell them close to suggested retail or above. Samba fragrances (Perfumer's Workshop), Remy Latour, Lomani, Ulric de Varens etc and many other mass-market French made brands can still be bought for under $10 cash a 100ml bottle (no credit card) in the NYC wholesale fragrance district easily. Just saw Cigar for $9 this past weekend there. Over the years have bought dozens and dozens of those brands. Cannot beat the prices. Just have to carry a lot of cash in your pocket at the time your walking in that area and you need the whole day to scour the side streets, but never encountered these at retail personally even in French drug stores/supermarkets where many are sold.
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