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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming

    Quote Originally Posted by PalmBeach View Post
    US price is $345 for Man and $385 for Woman for 100mL bottle.
    Well thank's. Let's give it a sniff, shall we
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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    Question to those of you that have smelled Journey man: I like Fate man and Honour. Will I probably like Journey man?

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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.


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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    I've been sampling the new Journey's the last few days. Some thoughts.

    Journey Man

    Great explosive zesty peppery sparkle on spraying literally lasting 30 seconds, then the pepper carries the openning in a more calm way. In the swiftly arriving heart a soft leather berried nargamotha accord in warm reds leads while in the early drydown a greenish tobacco echos a depersonalised Christopher Street. Ambrox, white musk and a little incense and tonka form the drydown, pleasant if a little uninspiring.

    I didn't like it too much at first as it felt a bit safe/commercial but after a few wears I'm warming to it. It's worth persevering for, but it's more of a great smelling accessible classic masculine than groundbreaking future direction. Performance is a little unbalanced as it's a fog horn for the first couple hours, then pulls right back to a skin scent with 10+ hours longevity. Good to V.Good but not great.

    Journey Woman

    Probably the first thing that is prompting me to rethink my almond/heliotrope hate. The ripe fleshy apricot works to offset the full whack of almondy apricot kernel during the opening. During the floral feast of a heart I'm finding it difficult to pick out all the florals individually, but the mimosa comes out beautifully. There's a brief rush of liquid honey at late heart/early drydown that almost gets too sweet momentarily before it starts starts to fade. The drydown retains facets of apricot, but it seems of the dried variety, possibly an effect on the resins and tonka. Along with a soft suede I'm smelling slightly bitter mandarin peel in the late drydown.

    Just brilliant stuff and the only one the two that really sung to me. While Journey Man I can appreciate, Journey Woman throws up vivid imagery at all of its stages. For me it's all about fruit orchards in Japan in late summer just around sunset when everything is bathed in amber light, the grasses are dried, the fruits are ripe and succulent, and the heady aromas of wild flowers fill the air. Must have material.
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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    Thanks for the review Mick Trick. It looks like ParfumsRaffy and Parfum1 now has them in stock. I'll try getting samples in the near future.

    ParfumsRaffy's price for the samples have gone up to $8.00 but still is a better price than decant stores.
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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    JW outshone JM in a big way for me as well, but I got more of a tea and spice thing from JW than anything. JM was just sort of an anonymous old-school thing.

    I'd need to spend more time with both to be more articulate, though.

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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    Agree regarding the jasmine green tea in JW deadidol.
    Well, it's cheaper than therapy... edit: No it's not...
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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    I spent a day with this (JW) and found it to be a pleasing White Floral, but I wasn't especially inspired. I'll be spending more time with it to get a better feel. I found it had very little sillage and the longevity was not impressive. Off the bat, I'd say it's not worth the price to me personally, though it is a lovely, pleasant sort of scent.

    On initial spray, there was a trace of incense but that dissipated rather quickly and I was left with primarily the osmanthus. I can't say that I noticed a lot of development over time.
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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    I only briefly smelt the two in Harrods last week. Journey Man started with a typical Amouage opening- powerful and spicy, but the dry down was calmer, and more of a skin scent than some of the other offerings such as Interlude.

    Journey Woman was a huge journey through a bouquet of flowers. I didn't put it on skin, but it smelt very well done. I do like floral fragrances, Carnal Flower is mind-blowing, but I just find them slightly too feminine for me.

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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    I've got a spray sample now of Journey Man, I've worn it several times over the last few days and still yet to come around on this one.
    Another bust from Amouage after Interlude, Fate, Beloved and Honour. I think it's about time Christopher Chong's position was re-thought.

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    Default Re: Two New Amouages Coming - Journey.

    I've tried it today and it left me underwhelmed in every possible way.
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