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    Default Scentless, fast-absorbing something for my hands

    Does anyone have a tip for a moisturiser or cream for my crackingly dry hands?

    Especially with my hands, I can't use those disgusting (to me) greasy creams that leave a film everywhere, and I know that nothing is really scent-free, but the less the better.

    (For what it's worth, I'm a man in my mid-forties.)

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    Default Re: Scentless, fast-absorbing something for my hands

    As usual, everybody's skin is different. On me, creams with urea work really well. This would be Eucerin intensive repair hand cream, or its generic equivalents, like CVS dry skin therapy deep repair hand cream. They are pretty good at moisturizing and keeping soft, and are not greasy.

    When a crack is actually there, thicker creams seem to work better on me, like CVS advanced healing ointment. These are somewhat greasy, though, but it must be said, that film does work. So typically I use the urea ones above, and the if I ever get a little crack, use the second ones in the area until it's gone.

    More in general, I think the key is to apply often. No matter what, no cream is going to last through the day. I keep one in my office and reapply a couple of times through the day, and anytime before I go out in the winter. This is probably more important than looking for the ideal formula.


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    Default Re: Scentless, fast-absorbing something for my hands

    Thanks, good idea to apply more often. Before I went to bed, I tried my wife's Norwegian fishermen's cream or what it's called, and, well, it kept me from checking my phone in bed, but after a while it had been absorbed. I'll look for something with urea.

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    Default Re: Scentless, fast-absorbing something for my hands

    L'occitane make good brand that aren't oily.

    I also don't like oily body creams.
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