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    I was curious to try one of these post-Nasomatto creations, and Deeply proves to be really very good. The few reviews that seem to be out there hint at a gourmand but I think it stops short of that. It starts with a rich, caramelised marmalade note that gives way to a resinous, spiced amber with a strong tobacco undercurrent. There are dried fruits and an intriguing dried rosebud note which might actually be pink peppercorns. In a way it's an interesting tussle between old- and new-school styles. Comforting but not comfortable. Anyone else tried this?

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    Bumping my own thread - bad form, I know, but...

    I just realised what Deeply reminds me of: Creed Royal Oud, without the Creed-ade. Pink peppercorns, dark citrus. Plus tobacco. Every time I've worn Royal Oud I've wanted it to do this, but instead it does... Creed.

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