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    Default My first true compliment.

    My first true compliment. I'm relatively new to the fragrance hobby. I've always liked them, but stuck to one or two old standbys and started wearing something daily about 1 1/2 months ago or so. I've picked up a wardrobe of around 40+ designer fragrances. I read about the compliments, but kind of figured...whatever...these guys probably look like James Bond too. And then in the words of Penthouse Letters... I never believed it was true...and then one day it happened to me...

    Today I went to a Gordmann's discount store (similar to TJ Maxx) because I'd received a 20% off one item coupon in the mail. I decided to find one nice fragrance that I'd wanted and pick up a couple of known good cheapies for work. When I got up the the checkout the woman was bagging up my items and asked what I had on...and commented that it smelled really good. I said it was L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake. She smiled and said... "No wonder. That's what my ex-husband wore." I must have got a look across my face, or something, because she laughed and followed it with "It's okay. He's a good guy. It just smells really good."

    I consider this my first true compliment because I'm really trying not to count my ex-wife (Diesel's Only the Brave), or my six yr old daughter who likes to snuggle up especially close when Dad's wearing D&G The One.

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    Default Re: My first true compliment.

    Bravo! Always great to get that first one. Too old to remember the circumstances of mine, but never forget how good it made me feel.
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    Default Re: My first true compliment.

    Though not too long in the fragrance hobby, still having some kind of difficulty remembering my first real compliment- especially since very early on, I got favorable comments on individual/separate notes in some of my fragrances (sounds maybe a bit strange, but someone picked out the citrus notes and liked them, also commenting this favorably, someone else the aquatic notes etc.)

    At any rate, congrats for the compliment and enjoy this fragrance- in my opinion, popular and a possible compliment-getter for the right reasons.

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    Default Re: My first true compliment.

    I can't remember my first compliment but anyway, it's always nice to have a compliment and I think one gets more comfortable in wearing that particular scent in the future.

    Good for you and enjoy your hobby.
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    Default Re: My first true compliment.

    Always better than the false compliments. Hopefully you'll just get enough confidence to wear the fragrances for yourself. Compliments, great. No compliments, great.

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    Default Re: My first true compliment.

    I was raiding my dad's Givenchy Gentleman and getting multiple compliments from multiple girls as a teenager. I think there was no chance of turning back at that point!
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    Default Re: My first true compliment.

    Glad you had a good experience. Feels good to get a positive comment on a fragrance that you are wearing.

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