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    Default Does heating an aroma chemical to hasten the dissolving process low its quality?

    I know that if you heat an essential oil top mid or base you will lose quality (and perceived strength) due to chemical reactions and burning off of volitile components but does the same apply to single molecular aroma chemicals? In my personal experiance they retain their strength and characteristics, but I would like to know what you think and what your evaluations are based on your experiments.

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    Default Re: Does heating an aroma chemical to hasten the dissolving process low its quality?

    I suppose it depends how hot, and for how long, as with anything...???

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    Default Re: Does heating an aroma chemical to hasten the dissolving process low its quality?

    It also depends on the chemical, some are very stable and will not be harmed by being taken to 100C or so even for an extended period. Others will likely polymerise, oxidise or react with the solvent youíre trying to dissolve them in and may experience a serious deterioration.

    The lighter molecules are also liable to be driven off if the heated system isnít sealed (and if it is sealed you need to be aware of the problems of expansion and potential explosion of which Iíve written here before).

    In general my policy is the minimum necessary amount of heat for the minimum possible time. I use automatic stirrers to help get solids into solution, some need days at a time on the stirrer but then donít need heating.
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