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    Default Went to Lucky Scent B&M store

    So my first post on the forums, before i get to the experience of the store, my actual experiences with colognes are pretty limited ive only actually owned the following
    Curve bottles (yellow and black) waaayy back about 6+ years ago in High School
    LaCoste (red) i really liked this frag when i wore it also about 6 years ago
    D&G The One for men( currently own, i like this scent but vanilla is way too up front for me and the projection is very poor)

    First off im a 23 y/o male who mainly wants a cologne for the weekends when i actually go out, my week days are job in the day and school at night, I might be narrowing my scents down a little to quickly but im not the fully-aquatic-over-the-counter of the mall frag type guy, ive never ran into a mall frag ive come close to buying. The notes that i like from certain colognes are woody,spicy, yet still lightly aquatic or green

    My drive there coming from (im going to name a more popular city even though i live about 10 miles out) Long Beach was pretty terrible, typical LA traffic with accidents and all,took me about an hour+ going to Beverly Hills. When i finally pulled up to the store i was able to park on a residential street as they are on Beverly Blvd which is a crowded meter parking street, they were pretty close to the corner adjacent to a coffee shop, how cliche right?
    Anyway i walk in and there are only 2 other men shopping while another man is behind the counter next to a woman helping the two other shoppers. The man(who i never ended up getting his name) greeted me and asked what i needed, I told him i enjoy the above characteristics in a scent, he immediately pulled about 7-8 bottles off the shelves and told me to have a go and spray them on the paper strips. I went ahead going on down the line spraying and sniffing and i didnt hit anything i liked until about the 3rd or 4th one in which was Endymion by Penhaligons,so i told the guy i really like the scent of this one then he went ahead and pulled 2 more,so i keep spraying down the line and the next two winners were Savile by Keiko Mecheri and Le Vainqueur by Rance. I then decide to spray them on my wrists and see how well my body accepted them. They all mellowed out really well into the middle characteristics and base notes, i actually like all 3 very much i cant even decide on one right now. However, as far as one spray went and maybe im discounting these a little too quickly, the projection on these are very poor. I did get samples of all 3 so i will actually give them a full run on different days and make an evaluation from there on.

    So there we have it, my first post and experience into a dedicated perfume shop, overall the vibe was extremely relaxed, me and the sales person didn't chat too much although i did ask him questions on each cologne and he gave very excellent answers to my questions. Now my question to the forum is, how much more projection do i expect from my samples? Is the said one spray a done deal? or will ample amounts on both wrists/or neck be enough? i would also like more recommendations along those lines of scents next time i go in.

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    Default Re: Went to Lucky Scent B&M store

    Welcome to you! Sounds like you had an overall positive experience at a wonderful place. I would expect you would get more projection by increasing to three sprays if you can get that many out of those samples you received. Can't imagine that one spray would in most cases be enough.
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    Default Re: Went to Lucky Scent B&M store

    First off, Endymion is one of my very favorite scents, you would not go wrong in any way (IMO) getting some it's simply delightful - second as hednic said, the one spray thing seldom does much unless it is a VERY potent fragrance - go with 3 for most and 5-7 with lighter things, not all in the same spot of course this will increase both projection and for some reason longevity of pretty much anything You don;t need 5-7 sprays to sample it though of course 3 should be quite sufficient - 3rd - welcome - enjoy the journey - you can learn sooo much here it is amazing how much if you use this site well.

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    Default Re: Went to Lucky Scent B&M store

    We had a few Basenotes members from around the country and local to LA meeting at Scent Bar on Saturday March 22nd, sorry you weren't able to join us, but I'm glad you had a good experience there.

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    Default Re: Went to Lucky Scent B&M store

    Agree with Katana. You need to give it a full wear, wearing the amount you would if you owned a bottle. A good three sprays for sure. Then go about your day, and see how it treats you.
    Welcome to Basenotes, spend a little time reading and searching threads, there is a ton of great information in here!

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