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    Default Budreaux's butt paste

    any of you familiar with the scent of this paste? I am using it on my baby and damn does it smell good. It's zinc oxide but I'm sure they put some fragrance in there. What is it? If it was a cologne I would wear it!
    (yes I know this sounds odd lol!)

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    Default Re: Budreaux's butt paste

    I believe the pleasant scent you are getting from it comes from Peruvian balsam, but you probably already read the ingredients - I guess try some scents that have some balsam in them and you may get the same "vibe"

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    Default Re: Budreaux's butt paste

    thank you. I didnt know which of them is what gives it that great smell, and I'm not good at identifying notes.

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    Default Re: Budreaux's butt paste

    Wow - this thread went from potential deletion to extremely enlightening in under 5 seconds!

    Here's more info on Balsam of Peru:
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