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    Default Finally tried Fracas

    Last summer, I was invited to go Garden City SC with my brother's family, to help keep an eye on my rambunctious 4 yr old nephew. We stayed at a nice place owned by a good friend of my brother's. After brushing my teeth one evening, curiosity got the best of me, and I just had to look inside the medicine cabinet. There stood amongst various mundane items, a big bottle of Fracas for Men. It was an oval bottle, with a small black cap; not the funky "art deco" style bottle that I've seen so much of on the net. It was quite an unexpected find, and certainly I was gonna try it, but something told me not to spray it on my skin. I tore off a small piece of toilet paper and proceeded to spray. I was puzzled by what I was smelling. I could not make heads or tails of it. It smelled so pink...a muffled powdery pink smell that was almost bubblegum like. No leather, but maybe a tiny bit of lavender. I got brave and wiped a little on my skin, and observed the progression. There was no progression, just a hazy, diffuse, round, "pinkness" that gradually darkened in hue, till POOF... it's gone. But all of it took hours!

    Just last week, I thought I'd go ahead and try the real deal. I ordered samples of Fracas EDP. When I opened the padded envelope, I was greeted by the same round "pinkness" that I experience with the Fracas for men. I opened a vial and put a big swipe on my arm. I can say that I'm maybe a little disappointed. It is a nice scent, albeit a very strong one, and it's certainly better executed and more complete than Fracas for men. It reminded me of something very familiar, something that I've experienced years ago, then it occurred to me. It's smells like the old pink Mr Bubble bath for kids.

    This perfume does get better with time. The drydown has a nice muskiness that I like, but I feel the overall scent is a bit childish. I can see how it can have such a big following. It's really different; big, fat and gummy. So pretty, ugly, repulsive and compelling at the same time. I 'spect the parfum is probably much better.

    I do own Bandit parfum, which is absolutely sublime... and Bandit edt. The edt is certainly a horse of a different color....complete with the saddle and riding crop!

    Trying Fracas has prompted me to try others from the line. I'm now awaiting samples of Baghari and Calypso.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Fracas

    I have not tried the for men, but the for women, I agree, is resolutely pink. But not pink in a childish way. To me it's a bold, outspoken, nearly garish tuberose, happy and shameless, with a nice touch of something smooth (like chamomille) that softens it.

    The line is well worth trying. apart from Bandit (my favorite), there's also Futur, a deep and slightly soapy green chypre, Visa, a deep fruity leather, and the two you mention (Baghari is a bit like no 5, and Calypso is a dense semi-tropical floral). Cravache is a pleasant citrus, though vintage used to be deeper, more leathery and oakmossy. there are also a bunch of new ones, I think the spicy one, forgot the name, is interesting.


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    Default Re: Finally tried Fracas

    The men's Fracas is very nice. Other great ones from this house for men are Cravache, Bois Bleu & Knightsbridge
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    Default Re: Finally tried Fracas

    Quote Originally Posted by cacio View Post
    ...there are also a bunch of new ones, I think the spicy one, forgot the name, is interesting.

    I think you might be thinking of Casbah. Nutmeg and pepper up front, incense and tobacco heart. I like this one, too.
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    Default Re: Finally tried Fracas

    Yes, indeed, it's Casbah.


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    Default Re: Finally tried Fracas

    I like Bandit, the drydown is very nice, though I hate the green aldehydes in the beginning.

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    Default Re: Finally tried Fracas

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    The men's Fracas is very nice. Other great ones from this house for men are Cravache, Bois Bleu & Knightsbridge
    I heard they took the leather out of Cravache, which means "riding crop." That is like a scent called Saddle and taking our the leather note.
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    Default Re: Finally tried Fracas

    I like most of their former range. Fracas (the feminine version) is a textbook / reference tuberose but I agree it definitely has a pinky vibe...

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    Default Re: Finally tried Fracas

    Fracas is an excellent tuberose.
    If you like tuberose, try Kilian Being Love or Carnal Flower.

    Baghari nicely complements Chanel no 5 if you like aldehydes or is a good alternative if no 5 is overwhelming.

    I really like Casbah. Straightforward incense.

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