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    Default Some Sleuthing Needed

    A friend sent me a box of what she called ‘perfume samples’ that she found in a box in a closet when she moved into a new house. What arrived wasn't the tiny sample vials I expected, but over a dozen full sized, topless testers, many almost full. Many bottles also had lids so what I think happened is someone left their scent horde behind in a move.

    As an aside, it’s funny how much a person’s scent collection can tell you about them. It would make a great CSI episode. This person had amazing taste, loved citrusy stuff, but also liked the classics as well as some off the wall things.

    Most of the fragrances I recognized, the few I didn’t I looked up here and found the information I needed.

    However there are two bottles that have me stumped.

    One is by Philosophy, “Saving Grace”; the bottle half full, the name almost worn off from use. But there is nothing anywhere on the net about the fragrance ever existing. It’s a floral, not outstanding, but pleasant enough (no, I’m not one of those who can pick apart every note). There is, however, a 1-800 number on the back, making this one easy to find. My first guess is it was a trial run and hasn’t been or won’t ever be marketed (Or it’s the best fake bottle of something ever.)

    The next one is the puzzler--- it’s an eau de toilette and the bottle is HUGE! A flat rectangle of glass about 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide with ‘Baby’ on a silver paper label the front and another silver label with “XV extra virgin is the simple purity of something……” blah blah blah… a whole bunch of positive beauty nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. literally filling the 8 x 4 space, ending with ‘barxv’.

    Around the rim at the top is ‘Olive You BarX Virgin’ .

    Oh, and it smells like a cookie. I swear, I’m wearing at work today and all I’m getting from folks is ‘honey, vanilla, sweet, shortbread, YUM!!!!’ remarks.

    WTF? It could be another trial Philosophy judging from the over the top verbiage. I can see where Baby Virgins might be squicky for some folks. Extra Virgin Baby Olives? Not so sure. But the ‘barxv’ makes no sense. The only other clue I found was a Jean Patou “Baby Bar” frag from 1931.

    An ideas? I don’t mind smelling like a cookie, really. I’d just like to know whose cookie I’m smelling like.
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    Default Re: Some Sleuthing Needed

    Any photos?
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    Default Re: Some Sleuthing Needed

    Quote Originally Posted by sjg3839 View Post
    Any photos?
    Why yes I do!

    Bottle Front
    Baby front.jpg

    Bottle Back
    Baby back.jpg

    Saving Grace
    "You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one." James A. Froude

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    Default Re: Some Sleuthing Needed

    I've owned a bottle of Saving Grace- years ago- so it was for sale & did exist. The Baby bottle looks like something released by Virgin Vie during their brief stint in business .

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    Default Re: Some Sleuthing Needed

    I own a bottle of Saving Grace. It was one of the three original fragrance offerings from Philosophy. The second one was Amen, intended as a masculine or unisex scent. I still have my bottle of this too. I can't remember what the third one was, as I never bought it, and it was so long ago. Both came from Nordstrom. When these were out, Philosophy was a new kind of indie/trendy company, Nothing like what they are now. I estimate your bottle is about 15, but not 20 years old.
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