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    My cousin is getting married this Sunday in Southern California. It's outside at a golf course at 1 PM. I was planning on wearing GIT but would rather pick up something new I think. I'm 34 years old and plan on wearing a tan cotton suit supply suit. What would you recommend for under $120..

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    I would wear GIT in this situation.
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    Eau D'Hadrien by Annick Goutal
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    GIT really would be such a perfect choice, but if you're looking for something different...

    Rose 31
    Gucci Pour Homme II
    Tom Ford For Men - or Grey Vetiver
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    GIT is actually a great choice! Southern California in spring....I'm thinking Terre d'Hermes (both concentrations are nice, but the EDT is in your price range), Bleu de Chanel, Mont Blanc Individuel, Eau Sauvage, Grey Vetiver, Gucci Pour Homme II, or perhaps Dolce and Gabbana The One.
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    Millesime Imperial

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    Congratulations! Aside from the already great choice of GIT, as well as the equally appropriate suggestions above, would also recommend either of these:

    Eau Sauvage Parfum
    Blenheim Bouquet
    ADP Colonia
    YSL PH
    Chanel pour Monsieur
    GFF Bergamotto Marino;

    most or all of these being easily available within the required price range.
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    Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense

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    Yeah, if GIT is ruled out, I'd go Grey Vetiver as well. Very classy and crisp for a Spring day.

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    I'm thinking vetivers as well, they're relatively fresh, and good for the outside, but at the same time they have enough complexity and elegance for a celebration. Grey vetiver is a great example. Others than come to mind (like Chanel Sycomore) would be above the price point.


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    Lalique White. Completely underrated and easy on the wallet for a new purchase. However, GIT is appropriate for the occasion if you decide not to go with something different.

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    The forecast for Saturday calls for a high of 73 degrees. Sounds like perfect GIT weather to me! GPH II would also work nicely, IMO.

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    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Dior Homme Sport (don't let the 'sport' fool you) and Terre d'Hermes (edt) come to mind.

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    Grey Vetiver and Terre d'Hermes spring to mind for that weather and setting.
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    For under $120 and considering that you have limited time to get your hands in the bottle and will most likely need to go to a store and buy...

    I think Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford is excellent. You should be able to a 50ML for under $120
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    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I think you talked me into wearing GIT. I agree it's the best choice. I just wear it fairly often for work and wanted something different. I may go buy Grey Vetiver. We will see the morning of I guess. Thanks again for the reply's.

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    Honestly the only thing better than GIT for this situation is Green Valley.

    Also try Diptyque Philosykos: Sweet, natural fig and greens.

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    ... and the third day the heretical renegade was brought back on his holy path. Praise His Majesty GIT.

    (please don't. The tan cotton SS suit sounded cool. Go some Diptyque, some subtle osmanthus/iris/carnation frag...Comme des Garçons did a cheap one, Red Series. Or just dare. Go Guerlain's Mitsouko, it super cheap! Or, some Czech & Speake? Oxford & Cambridge is a terrific lavender which is perfect for spring days.)

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    Many great suggestions above. If not for the wedding, I suggest you try Tiffany for Men Sport. It will serve you well.

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