I’m so late, but it is still Monday in LA!

JonR, thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of Kew gardens and the peacocks yesterday! I especially love him sitting on the ivy covered wall-- what a perfect pose!
RHM, Sky is so cute!!! She’s a lucky kitty.
ClaireV, the smell of horses, tack, and alfalfa was the scent of heaven in my childhood! Thank you for sharing your lovely memories.
ExtremeK, I had tiny Tete-a-tete daffs in the lawn at our starter home, and I used buffalo grass for the lawn so it was no mow and they could naturalize. Of course, if you have a difficult HOA or restrictive convenants/ordinances to deal with, the natural lawn thing might not fly, but it is more eco-friendly, so a lot of places are accepting non-traditional “lawns.” And more on topic (lol!) Mito sounds like a definite spring-sampling must! I love a good galbanum scent!
(((Quarry and Mr. Q))) I’m so sorry to hear that you are both sick-- Sending extra strength healing vibes your way, and more to teardrop, Robin, sfmedusa, jujy and anyone else who needs some!

SOTD was vintage Dior Homme again and SOTE is comfy-mumfy vintage Opium EDT, and I think I will spray something ambery on a small bed pillow for more cuddliness. Hope everyone is having sweet dreams!